Most Common Property Styling Mistake

If you’re thinking of putting your property on sale, one way to attract potential home buyers and sell it fast and at the best price possible is by proper property styling. It will be helpful to keep in mind these home styling tips:

1. Purchasing home accessories and furniture pieces from a single store.
One mistake many people make (mainly because it makes everything so much easier) is buying everything for a given room on the house from the same store or at the same time period. A very stylish, pleasant, and inviting room mixes both new and old home accessories and furniture from various craftsmen, stores, and even different parts of the world. This provides a room a spirited and soulful appeal to people.

2. Matching everything.
Another mistake most people make is relying too much on the principle of matching. Think of styling your house the same manner you put together an outfit. Choose textiles, finishes, and furniture that work well together to make an beautiful and still unified collection. But since you’re putting your home on sale, see to it that the style is not your personal style. Create a general style that appeals to a wide range of house buyers.

3. Putting wallpaper to a whole room.
People tend to think that there’s a need to wallpaper an entire space. Aside from being very pricey, it makes a particular space feel too busy and crowded. Choose a wall and convert it into an accent wall, the wall behind the bed will make a good accent wall. The print will stand out and your area will feel more airy and open.

4. Putting all items you love in the living space.
Editing is very important. Imagine the nice rooms you see in magazines. One simple trick that made them look so pleasant and cozy is editing. Count the number of framed photos hanging on the wall, the things displayed on the coffee table, and on the tabletops and shelves. You don’t have to display all of your favourite things in the living room. Otherwise, they may not create the overall impact you like since they are cluttered and crowded. Take some things away. Just edit, edit, edit. Group similar objects in a certain surface. You don’t have to be a minimalist, but editing will make some of your favourite pieces stand out.

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