Your Mn Family Law Firm Can Help You With The Most Contentious Of Divorces

All divorces are difficult simply by their sheer nature. However, some divorces are more difficult than others. Those that are uncontested and/or amicable tend to go pretty smoothly without too much fighting and emotions getting in the way. On the other end of the spectrum are those divorces that are highly contentious. Those are typically the ones where both spouses are carrying a lot of anger towards the other, causing the case to be an extraordinarily emotional journey. These cases are often dragged out much longer than a typical divorce, and thus, also tend to cost a lot more money in terms of attorney’s fees incurred in litigating the case. If this sounds like the kind of divorce you are anticipating, then it is all the more important to find a good, reputable MN family law firm to help you through this difficult and emotional journey.

Allowing your emotions to get in the way of your divorce case is unavoidable when the divorce is a contentious one. This is especially so when there has been infidelity in the marriage. However, your MN family law firm is there to help provide an objective prospective and guide you through the process. They will also work with you to try to keep your emotions in check so that the decisions you make are reasoned and in your best interests. It is never wise to make a decision out of anger, especially if it is one involving children from the marriage. They will also act as the middleman between you and the law firm representing your spouse so you can avoid any confrontations with your spouse. All communications can and will be through your respective attorneys which should help with any hostility that has developed between the two of you.

If your divorce is contentious, it will likely last a lot longer and will take a greater effort to settle. As such, your MN family law firm will likely engage in various forms of discovery during the case. Discovery is basically legal fact finding through certain avenues, all of which is a search for evidence that may ultimately be used in the case. Forms of discovery include interrogatories, which are written questions submitted to the opposing side and which are answered in a written document and signed under the penalty of perjury. There are also requests for documents and requests for admissions.

Finally, and perhaps the most well known type of discovery, there are depositions which are special in-person question and answer sessions, where the attorney for one party asks questions of the other party while that party is under oath. All of the information that comes out of discovery can end up being used as evidence, if it is legally admissible, at trial. Discovery is also a great tool for both sides to see where the other side stands, which ends up aiding in leading the parties to a settlement of the case rather than proceeding to trial. Keep in mind that the more discovery that is conducted, the higher your MN family law firm attorney’s fees and costs will be. Therefore, you do not necessarily want to throw a bunch of discovery at your spouse unless money is no object.

Your MN family law firm can be as aggressive or cooperative with your spouse’s attorney in the divorce proceedings. Although the divorce may be contentious, family law judges look favorably upon attorneys and parties who try to cooperate and work together as much as possible. Thus, as angry as you may be, it is also wise to be the one who tries to work with the other side to come to a mutually acceptable solution. Then if your spouse is making things difficult, he will be the one who will have to deal with the judge’s disapproval.

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