Win Your Ex Back The Gentle Way

Sometimes, a little tenderness is what you need to win back your ex. This is applicable most especially when the relationship you had ended drastically. Like when you had gone through a lot of shouting, name calling and finger pointing in the past. When relationships and marriages end there can be a lot of hurt feelings along with psychological pain and damage. One party might have been unfaithful to the other thereby causing feelings of embarrassment and desertion. Or perhaps some major problem transpired, tearing you apart from one another. Whatever brings about the break up, possibilities are, both of you are suffering. Wounds like these can be serious and slow to heal and if you want to get your ex back you will have to take the kind and gentle approach to mend those wounds.

You need to think about each other’s feeling, most especially in cases such as this. Maybe something about you or the way you handle things must be changed. Sometimes, we are not really aware that some things about us requires to be changed. There are particular cases when we can use of a little improvement. Or maybe, your ex is going through some hard situation that you are not really aware of. They could be dealing with some issue that is not known to you, that has caused them to feel vulnerable and fragile.

Why not think about the idea of seeking helpful advice on relationship before you proceed with your plan of getting your ex back? You can seek professional help or simply ask your friends. This is the best way to know if what part of your characteristics needs some changing before you try to get back with your ex. And also, if there’s anything that you have to enhance. They’ll give you an honest reply. Be open with their ideas, take it as a constructive criticism. We must learn to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and that will only happen if we learn to admit to ourselves that we are wrong on particular issues.

You must learn to understand what your loved one is possibly going through. They have probably been hurt very deeply, just like you. So try to be a little understanding. Avoid getting irritated, it’ll only cause more trouble. Instead of obtaining what you wanted to accomplish, it will only bring you the contrary. Most problems can not be resolved overnight and they don’t have to be. Take things slow and easy. Give them and yourself the time and space you need to work through this. Physical touch is never adequate to heal these emotional wounds.

Give your loved on the strength he/she needed, assist them. Love, real love, needs us to focus more on the well being of the other, rather than on ourselves. Tenderness might not be your strong suit, but it is a skill that is very easy to learn. And it is one of your finest tools when trying to get your ex back.

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