When You Choose a Conveyancing Solicitor, It Pays To Appoint A Pro

Thinking about moving house in England? Or are you interested in investing in property?

Appointing the right Property Solicitor is vital. Not only have you enough on your plate with the business of moving, many potential hazards line the path to a successful transaction.

Whether you are buying your first home, or are a property investor with a portfolio of properties, you need genuine Conveyancing Solicitors to take care of business correctly. When you approach the right firm you will be assigned an experienced professional with whom to deal exclusively.

As well as the basic conveyance, a property solicitor can offer advice on other aspects of property law. This includes assistance on re-mortgages, home equity release loans, transfers of equity, leasehold extensions and leasehold enfranchisement and tenancy agreements.

For the first-time buyer it is doubly necessary to have the right people advising you through the whole daunting adventure. If you are familiar with the whole property exchange process, you will know how important obtaining such specialists’ advice is for a smooth transition. Dealing with unqualified chancers can end in more than tears.

Homebuyers and sellers frequently place their business with a solicitor recommended by the estate agent. The upshot is often a high-priced, low-grade service. The estate agent is almost certainly pocketing sizeable referral fee – which will be passed on to the client. It’s sensible therefore to contact a Property Solicitor prior to searching for a property to avoid having to hastily appoint someone when offers and counter-offers start flying.

A time-served conveyancing solicitor will get the job done on time for a standard price. A decent property solicitor will:
• Carry out his duties with efficiency and accuracy;
• Mitigate the stress involved by offering support at every stage of the process;
• Be proactive rather than reactive and make sure the deal is pushed through in good time;
• Advise and assist with key negotiations;
• Speed up the time it takes you to complete on your transaction;
• Take a common sense approach to business and not obfuscate through unnecessary use of legal language;
• Be technologically advanced enough to provide a modern conveyancing service;
• Be in possession of professional indemnity of at least £1 million;
• Be an approved solicitor of your lenders’ panel. This means you avoid an extra layer of fees;
• Be fully regulated and listed with one of the two.

Property ownership is a hugely serious business and eschewing the advice a true professional is liable to bring a raft of unwanted difficulties.

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