When Is The Ideal Time To Purchase A Lanzarote Property

As a smallish island with an excellent year-round climate Lanzarote is surely a perfect place for property investors to consider. The current economic outlook also means that a selection of villas and apartments within the island are much more affordable than they have been for a number of years.

Equally, lanzarote’s position in the Canary Islands means there is a steady flow of travelers visiting Lanzarote island throughout the year, rather than just during peak season. That means that holiday villas and apartments have the probability to earn better returns for investors.

Lanzarote property comes in all shapes and sizes to boot, with everything from compact studios on a managed complex to imposing villas and fincas positioned in the islands agricultural interior. And with prices to suit every single budget too. Equally, the rigorous rules concerning town planning here have helped to keep a lid on excessive expansion and a surplus of supply. This is the principle factor that lead to property prices on Lanzarote remaining so buoyant in the boom years.

Quite a few investors because of this were willing to obtain properties off-plan, with numerous Playa Blanca property on offer via this approach. And being amongst the fastest developing holiday resorts on The island, it is easy to see why the town has been so popular amongst property buyers.

Those people who purchased when the prices were still rising have generally ventured into holiday rentals to realise a positive return on their investment. And when you consider that private rentals are becoming far more fashionable, particularly in Playa Blanca, this hasn’t´t proved too much of a challenge for the majority of investors.

At this moment however, the bargains are to be uncovered amongst those sellers who are not in a position to to keep up their holiday home, or just fancy a change of scenery. This has lead to some properties appearing on the market at prices well beneath their market value or the bank´s evaluation.

For people who tend to be cautious, or may be waiting before the marketplace accelerates into a positive growth period, don’t overlook the fact that there are still lots of holiday-makers deciding on Lanzarote for the family holiday. And with upward of a million foreign visitors travelling to the island annually, those who learn how to market their accommodation usually have no shortage of visitors.

On a really positive note, the first half of the calendar year has seen the tourist market recover considerably when compared with the previous two many years, revealing that the demand for holiday property on the island of lanzarote is still strong. So for individuals with funding available, it might be just the place to discover a future holiday home.

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