What topics can you suggest about divorce that divorced people might be interested of hearing?

My friend will be aired from a radio show. She is a divorce guru. Can you help us of some interesting topics that most divorced people would want to listen to?

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6 Responses to “What topics can you suggest about divorce that divorced people might be interested of hearing?”

  1. SuzyQ Says:

    I think a great point is to talk about when is the right time to start dating again after divorce. Too many people move from one failed relationship to another without knowing why they fail, what their part is in the failure and without knowing what they truly want. Maybe people don’t want to hear that, then they would have to deal with themself….

  2. Douglas B Says:

    If she’s a guru what topics has she talked about before? She must have come across this already to have some idea. How do you go and get on a radio show and not tell them that you don’t know what you are going to talk about? Not someone I’m going to trust telling me what to do.

  3. fi ♠ Says:

    agrees with douglas
    if they are a guru they will know exactly what people would need/want to know

    i think people in that position would only want to hear of help lines and centres really
    they will talk about everything else in a more personal manner with friends or family

  4. Techie_ver2 Says:

    one Q would be, how to come out of the depression after divorce.

  5. Vek Says:

    Here are some suggestions.

    1. How to recover from a divorce?
    2. Playing the dating game again…..after a divorce.
    3. Is there help out there?
    4. Settlements, who gets what and how?

  6. GJax Says:

    Anything from living on your own, to custody, to things your own attorney may try to talk you in to, or out of, during the divorce (if it’s before or during a divorce), to dating – or NOT dating. If your friend is a guru, she should know the topics well!