In January of 2004 we were once again contacted by the Belgian channel VTM (Flemish). Their journalistic reports program was interested in doing a longer piece on same-sex adoption and since they were impressed by our previous testimony on camera, they asked us to allow them to interview us again. Given that the adoption law was not yet off the ground, we agreed to do the interview. We felt it was important to continue to help “educate” the public opinion on same-sex families. Language of the broadcast is Flemish (Dutch)

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  1. denislane1 Says:

    Thank God this bill failed. And remember, granted the science of life still belongs to a man and a woman, in one fashion or another, but the role of nuturing life or loving one another belongs to any man or woman, or any combination therin, who find themselves the strength and compassion required to truly love. Jesus in full of GRACE and loves even the neighborhood gays. Know any?

  2. chefratzinger Says:

    You are an intolerant person! I rather have children in a couple of the same sex than children in a normal couple with lot of problems. I don’t see the problem why gays couldn’t adopt a child…

  3. denislane1 Says:

    I think you misunderstood my comment. I am not against gays adopting children.

  4. chefratzinger Says:

    then why are you saying “Thank God this bill failed”

  5. denislane1 Says:

    We had a bill in our state here in U.S that failed. We were glad it did not pass because it would have prevented homosexuals from adopting and in some cases denied them rights to own children. The Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. Must have copied the wrong text.

  6. pariosd3 Says:

    chefratzinger learn to read

  7. leojboby Says:

    Eh… well, i have no idea what they said but if you point in the direction by which i could find this with subtitles or voice-overed that’d be great.

  8. EnigmaNZ1 Says:

    The bill was to ban gay adoption.

  9. youkihana Says:

    How beautiful kids!! ;D

  10. nicksum29 Says:

    Wonderlik! Catch up, America, Asia, and Africa!