Two Ways to a Cheap Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is never easy on anyone. But if you can go the route of a cheap uncontested divorce, that cuts out a lot of the difficulty from the process.  It also cuts out a lot of the expense.  And when a couple finds that going their separate ways is the right thing for them, keeping the process simple and inexpensive makes it much less of an ordeal for both parties.  One way to do that is to take advantage of online divorce services. Two of the best of this type of online divorce resources are Legal Zoom and Complete Case.

It helps to understand what we are talking about when we use terms like cheap uncontested divorce or no contest divorce. When both of you agree that there will be no challenge to the divorce and that you will cooperate with the process, that is an uncontested divorce.  If one of the marriage partners fights the divorce and wants to take it to court to try to stop it from happening, that is a contested divorce.

For obvious reason a cheap uncontested divorce saves money and wear and tear on the emotions.  But sometimes when a spouse wants to go to war over how the assets of the marriage will be split up or over who will bear the responsibilities of the costs and care of children of the marriage, that can complicate things.

When divorce seems to be inevitable, if you and your spouse can sit down in an amicable way and agree to a no contest divorce, you both will come out of the process better off.  Better to agree how to split up assets including money than to give it all to lawyers in a long and ugly divorce battle.  Once you come to that agreement that a cheap uncontested divorce is the way to go, start hammering out the areas you agree about like how the house and property will be divided and the best arrangement for the children and get that in writing so when you go see the judge, it is all ironed out.

This is not to say that just coming to a warm and friendly approach to the divorce means no lawyers or trips to see a judge. A marriage is still a legal document and dissolving it means filing a divorce application the way it is done in the state where you were married.  There are still forms to be filled out exactly correctly and paperwork that has to be completed.

The online divorce services we sited earlier help with these legal requirements tremendously.  When you want a cheap uncontested divorce, it is worth your while to learn how the internet can help out. While both Legal Zoom and Complete Case charge fees for their services, those fees are so much lower than engaging a lawyer to walk you through your divorce that these online divorce services are a key strategy to accomplish a cheap uncontested divorce.  The online services are tuned to the divorce laws that you must live with in your state.  That means that when it comes to a no contest divorce, online divorce services are a godsend.

To get a feel for how much money you can save using an online divorce service, look at the costs that you and your spouse will run up if you try to accomplish a cheap uncontested divorce using a conventional attorney. Even if you share an attorney because it is a no contest divorce, you are still looking at thousands of dollars of expense compared to a few hundred using online divorce resources.  Why waste that money that can go to help both of you launch your new lives.

Literally millions have been helped by these online divorce resources.  Don’t worry if you have questions about the process because online divorce sites have lots of resources to answer those questions.  They did not get as popular and as successful as they are without being able to deliver cheap uncontested divorce help while doing a very good job helping you through the process.

It costs nothing to browse online divorce services like Legal Zoom and Complete Case. If you have agreed to a no contest divorce, take some time together and surf these internet sites and your level of confidence and comfort with them will go up.  Just because online divorce services are an ideal way to get a cheap uncontested divorce finalized, that doesn’t mean that their services are not complete and that they will not make sure you dot every “i” and cross every “t” in the process.

If you can agree with your spouse to part company cooperatively, both of you win with a cheap uncontested divorce.  It is even easier on the kids if you go through a no contest divorce and come out working together for their benefit.  So why not take that concept to the next level and take advantage of an online divorce service.  After all, almost every other kind of service has gone to cyberspace so this step of using an online divorce service just makes sense these days.


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