Twins Meant for Adoption, But Surrogate Mom Keeps Them

Adoptive Mom’s Medical, Criminal Past Causes Surrogate to Revoke Agreement Scott and Amy Kehoe Call Surrogate’s Actions Legal ‘Kidnapping’ By JENNIFER PEREIRA and SUZAN CLARKE Scott and Amy Kehoe knew they wanted to be parents since the moment they married eight years ago. But after two miscarriages and five failed rounds of in vitro fertilization, they decided to seek out a surrogate. The Michigan couple bought donor eggs and sperm and Shelley Baker — an experienced surrogate — agreed to carry the embryos. She gave birth to twins in July. The Kehoes, who live near Grand Rapids, thought their dreams had come true. But those dreams quickly became a nightmare. One month after the birth, they were forced to say goodbye to their children. Baker, 35, who has four children of her own, had decided to keep the twins she had borne on the couple’s behalf because of information that came to light about Amy’s mental health history that made her uncomfortable. One week after the birth of the children, whom the Kehoes named Ethan Paul and Bridget Lily, Baker and the adoptive parents headed to court so the Kehoes could be designated the children’s legal guardians. Surrogate Wary of Adoptive Mom’s Past It was there that Baker said she learned Amy Kehoe, 41, had a history of mental illness and a minor criminal record. Around nine years ago, Amy Kehoe was arrested for minor cocaine possession and diagnosed with an unspecified psychotic disorder. Baker said the disclosure took her by

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25 Responses to “Twins Meant for Adoption, But Surrogate Mom Keeps Them”

  1. cathy2earth Says:

    Man the surrogate mother is such a b****

  2. Neithie Says:

    She got free healthcare, free fertility, scribbled her name and her husband’s name on the birthcertificate (before she supposedly found out about the mental illness) and only took two weeks to ‘change her mind’. She hasn’t said if she returned their money and now she wants child support. Amy had anxiety and prior charges, yes, but she also had a psychologist and a support network, and was approved for adoption.
    Shelly scammed them. Sorry hun. Even loved ones can do the wrong thing.

  3. Neithie Says:

    Shelly scammed them. Simple as that. She just used the anxiety as an extra weapon.

  4. LordSpanky Says:

    that bitch needs to be shot .. fuckin cunt bitch .. selfish ass bitch .. poor people been trying to have a child for 8 years .. DIE BITCH ..

  5. LordSpanky Says:

    holy SHIT .. THEY KEPT THE MONEY TOO ….. if i keep typing ill end up saying something i might regret ..

  6. Anivet4 Says:

    Although both families have a point, and I agree with them both. I think that the Bakers should pay back the money earned for, “surrogacy”.

  7. VigilanteJT Says:

    This Shelly chick is DISGUSTING! I hope the twins see this video when their older, then i would love to see what this Shelly chick would tell them. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the twins ended up having mental illnesses or end up getting arrested when their older too?

  8. VigilanteJT Says:

    P.S. Karma’s a b**** and i hope you get yours Shelly.

  9. nextinlineforsuicide Says:

    i don’t think she did the wrong thing she did what any other mother would of done other then keeping the money .. i would of tooken the children out of the familys home too if i found out that she was mentaly challeged . id be scared for the safty of the children . and only that not that she can be controled but still its just a opion i have . no hardfeelings of any kind but i feel she is right

  10. annacammon Says:

    did she get her money back at least

  11. 1verstreate1 Says:

    I live in Michigan, and wish to become a surrogate mother. Does anyone have any advice on how to research this?

  12. folieadeux8381 Says:

    what a terrifying story!!! this is what scares me about using a surrogate…..

  13. TheAlexthehacker Says:

    @LibraMariahDesigns The baker family is my next door neighbors, dont say the whole family is wrong. Just the psycho bitch mom

  14. BlauAngst Says:

    @folieadeux8381 i could be your surrogate.. i’m pretty sure i wont do anything like that D:

  15. BlauAngst Says:

    I want to be a surrogate mother

  16. folieadeux8381 Says:

    @BlauAngst My husband and I have tried for 2 1./2 years with no luck. We’re not really sure which route to take at this point. It’s either IVF, adoption, or find a surrogate… which can be very, very expensive unfortunately.

  17. MermaidBlueFins Says:

    I read both sides of the story in UK mag Pick Me Up. I am siding with Amy and her partner. Amy told Shelly she had a mental health problem but it didn’t stop her from functioning as a mother.

    I just think that Shelly is being selfish.

  18. TRU2myHEART Says:

    Baker is a user and taking advantage of that poor family, she should stop being so selfish she greed to give them the children and should honour that contract. I really sympathize with the Kehoe family. I hope they are strong enough not to let this break thier hearts and ruin thier marriage. They deserve to be happy too.

  19. cubanoblanco Says:

    It’s obvious that the bitch and her husband only care about themselves. She wanted them for herself so she took them back, I would LOVE to talk to these people and tell how despicable and selfish they are.

  20. laharvey125 Says:

    I agree that the surrogate is wrong here, but I do feel for both sides. If she had had misgivings at the first court appearance, she really should have said so.

  21. cokoqt81 Says:

    My heart goes out to the kehoe family. I hope they sue the surrogate parents.

  22. mofohains Says:

    No one counts so much as blood, everyone else are strangers

  23. bsadancer Says:


  24. sprinklefriend Says:

    i’m disgusted to have the same name as the surrogate… seriously, makes me feel sick. absolutely horrible.

    (btw, i’m not against all surrogates. in the Baby M case i fully support Mary Beth Whitehead’s claim to her daughter. but this is different. just pointing that out so i’m not accused of having something against all surrogates – i look at each case on its own. and this one is terrible.)

  25. Ballet4Everz Says:

    Did the surrogate family at least pay back the medical bills and the egg and sperm money?