Top Five Careers with Highest Divorce Rates

People have long speculated that those in certain professions are more apt to end up with failed marriages and divorce than other members of the population. Various studies done recently have confirmed this. You might expect that corporate executives, military, or medical professions might lead to more divorces due to long hours and stress, but in that you’d be wrong. Instead, choreographers and dancers usually end up getting divorced much more often. Behind them are bartenders, massage therapists, and gaming cage workers. In addition, female workers in the various professions tend to have slightly higher rates of divorce than their male counterparts.

Researchers at Radford University went through the statistics garnered during the 2000 census to put together this list. While some of the top five careers involve close contact with people other than a spouse and could therefore promote extra-marital affairs and divorces, others don’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. Why would dancers have a whopping 43.05% divorce rate? Why would those running extruding machines come in at number five with a rate of 32.74%? These studies certainly produced some unexpected findings.

The list omits various professions from the top ten divorce rates. It seems suspicious that athletes and high-profile celebrities aren’t on the list. We all know how quickly some of them go through significant others, so it seems like they would be somewhere in the top, but they aren’t. Why do bartenders get divorced more than those who work in the media and communications field? Experts can only make guesses at what causes certain professions to have higher divorce rates.

Working closely with other people tops the list of suggested reasons why people divorce. Dancers are usually found in the arms of someone else, so it’s pretty easy to see how an affair could start. One thing professions on this list have in common is that they require lots of contact with other people. Another factor may be in professions which require long hours and a great deal of dedication. You would think that absense makes the heart grow fonder, but this study seems to refute that .

It seems that you may want to choose your carefully carefully if you want a long and happy marriage. Doc No.wslsdhgt-sdgewa

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