The Night Prior To Moving: A Frightening Adventure

It was the night ahead of my transition to Orlando, Florida and I believed that I was picky about which Orlando Relocation Company I hired. Unsurprisingly all of my searching and studying about company after company did not prep me for exactly what was about to happen. I had spent nearly a month on-line, searching by myself rather than using a free and trusted site like, when I found out about our prospective relocation across the country. I knew I had to locate the very best moving business I could find. I needed a business who seemed to genuinely value your possessions and would handle them like they were their very own. I had many years of memories and the belongings to support it, going with me on this relocation, I’d have hated for something to get damaged.

I began calling various companies I discovered on line hoping that a very pleasant customer service rep would put me at ease. It took 6 calls to six distinctive companies before I discovered a compassionate voice. The first 5 companies I called all had exactly the same frame of mind in their dialogue. I had been made to really feel like I had been bothering them by calling. When I reached the 6th business I knew right away that the person I was conversing with really liked their work. Well, that was the first step in the proper direction. After numerous telephone calls throughout the month back and forth to this Orlando Moving Company, I lastly took the plunge and hired them as my official movers.

A few days before the relocation, a team of guys arrived to start the relocating procedure. They took their time, managing all of my items with respect. They showed up early and remained late. One day they even skipped lunch. Every object was very carefully wrapped and either put in a box or secured right in the moving truck. By the time the week was arriving at an end I felt positive that I had made the correct option. Then everything changed and not for the much better.

It was the night before my actual physical self could be making the relocation to Orlando. Therefore I made one last final telephone call to the mover driving the truck that was hauling my stuff. When he answered his cell phone I could hear noisy music in the background and what appeared to be the animated sounds of slot machines. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The driver was supposed to be arriving in Orlando in the morning, however it sounded like he was closer to Las Vegas than Florida. Then he kindly but firmly told me to quit bothering him I was being a killjoy and he could no longer enjoy the beer he was drinking. I believed I had done everything perfectly, now I know much better, do not make choices on Orlando Moving Businesses based on a sweet voice on the telephone or you can be in my shoes tonight wondering if I will ever see my worldly possessions once more.

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