The Child Custody During Divorce

This could include living conditions, new relationships, neglect, or any negative influence upon the children that has gone unaddressed or unmanaged.

Unfortunately for the challenging parent, the parent with custody must be “proven” to be, in some way, a detriment to the children while they are in their custody. It is not a determination any longer of which of the two parents can provide a better living environment. This was determined when settling the divorce. This is the main reason it is imperative that fathers exercise their child custody rights from the very beginning.

Very simply, the judge presiding over the custody hearing will be considering only two reasons to approve a modification. Why do the children need to be removed from the custodial parent’s care?  Is the petitioning parent’s ability to care for the children deemed worthy for placement of custody? Once again, it is very important to have proper legal counseling to get the custody modification enacted in the father’s favor.

If you are like thousands of other fathers in the world you may be in the situation where your significant other is trying to take your child away from you. This is not the best option for your child. My name is Micheal Stone and I like you found myself in a situation where I was going to lose custody of my child. By taking some key steps in the right order, I managed to win my custody battle so that my kids and I can live happily together. I will lay out these steps for you in an easy to follow process that will have you well on your way towards winning your custody battle.

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