The Changing Trends In Gender Roles Can Cause Marital Strife

When I was growing up in the 1950s, my family had a relatively unusual configuration when compared to other families during that time. All of my friends mothers stayed at home during the day and took care of the children and the home but my mother worked outside the home. I always felt a little resentful that I was the one who never had anyone in attendance at school programs, that my mother didn’t belong to the PTA, and that I was different than my friends, but I just didn’t realize that our family was on the cutting edge of where society was going. My mother didn’t just want a family but she wanted her career too.

Society used to place a huge importance on family traditions that were quite sensible by nature. Due to the fact that men were stronger than their female counterparts, they played the role of provider. Since women had the babies and cared for the children, it seemed logical that they stay at home and do the chores that could be done there. This arrangement can cause problems for most women. There were, however, others who didn’t feel fulfilled by the role they had been given but were reluctant to buck society and do differently. Abigail Adams was one of the many women who played their roles behind-the-scenes during this time. Many women succumbed to peer pressure instead of doing what they truly wanted to do.

Back then, women had it much worse than they do now. Men felt that they were superior to women since they were the breadwinners. Wives were supposed to obey their husbands and basically act as a servant according to the law back then. Any women who left their husbands would no longer have a right to see their own children and likely no other place to go since all of the property was owned by men.

Many women got tired of being treated basically like servants and wanted to be treated as equals. They realized that they were smart and capable and needed more than housewifery to keep them happy. Some of the most brave women decided to change society’s views regarding women. Things have certainly changed nowadays although there is still a bit more work to be done.

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