The Advantages of Turning to No Win No Fee Solicitors

The whole idea of no win no fee solicitors can be a little confusing. After all, it seems illogical that a solicitor that spends time and effort preparing a case should promise his client to charge nothing in fees if a claim is unsuccessful, never mind when the claim is successful. The question in the mind of most people, then, is where the catch lies. Well, there is no catch.

There has never been anything suspicious about the no win no fee scheme. In fact, personal injury solicitors had long argued that the benefactors in claims law should be the client and not the solicitors themselves. As people became more aware of their rights to compensation after sustaining a car injury or an injury at work, the number of cases increased dramatically in the 1990s, so much so that something had to be done to cope with the demand.

Steps were put in place to ensure two things. Firstly, that there were sufficient resources to cope with the number of cases being brought by the public and, secondly, that it was only ever the guilty party that paid for an injury and the process of claiming on it.

Historically, it was the legal aid scheme that handled cases relating to citizens rights. This is because of the fact that solicitors fees were often so high that only the upper classes were able to afford to make a claim and risk losing. Legal aid was more affordable, but the pressures on the system were too high. In the late 1990s, solicitors came up with the no win, no fee scheme, and its success has been immense.


Admittedly, the name of the scheme does not clarify the workings of it beyond the basic information that fees are not charged in the event that a claim fails. However, if the claim is successful, the claimant does not pay the fees either. This is because all costs of the claim, and court cases, are to paid by the losing party. Therefore, the defendant would pay the fees of the solicitor.

The understanding is that a solicitor does not take on a claim case if he or she believes it will fail. What this means is that solicitors cannot take advantage of the public by representing them in frivolous or ridiculous claims, which they might have taken to simply earn the fees. So, a solicitor that says yes to a claim case is stating that the case is a strong one.

This is a very basic advantage for any prospective claimant, since there is no chance that they are being taken advantage of. Claimants, while not having an absolute guarantee of success, can at least be confident that they have a very strong chance of winning. They can also be sure that their solicitor will work hard to win in order to receive their fees from the defendant.

However, the most significant advantage with the scheme is the full amount of any compensatory sum awarded will be received by the claimant. None of the money paid will be taken in fees or costs by the solicitor.

For anyone with a serious injury as a result of a road traffic accident or an accident at work, this is a very important factor as the money is hardly set to be enjoyed. Instead, it will go to paying for medical bills, retraining if the consequence is an inability to do physical work, and making necessary changes to a home to accommodate living with a long term injury. In such cases, every penny counts.

For all the positives involved, it is always necessary for people to be wary when seeking out no win, no fee solicitors as there can be some unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage. One of the chief examples is when a solicitor asks for fees to be paid in advance, stating that the sum will be refunded when the fees are paid by the losing party. Even for general personal injury solicitors, this is a highly irregular request.

For every claimant, whether looking for compensation after suffering whiplash, or an injury that has left them unable to work for a prolonged period of time, the no win no fee scheme is an affordable legal option. In fact, it has been the lifesaver for many whose futures, professionally and health wise, had darkened through no fault of their own.

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