Listen Lauretta… Lauretta… the jokes about Lauretta were the jokes, this video is a joke, please do not take it seriously… they were the joke… it’s a joke… and a… potato. The Onision site: Facebook Twitter:

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25 Responses to “SURVIVING DIVORCE (or… not)”

  1. chasseman45 Says:

    I think he actually puked there!

  2. NickonAquaMagna Says:

    @chasseman45 He did…. twice.

  3. DRBxZombiexNFG Says:

    WTF? That was crazy, I didn’t know it was fake until I read the description… Does that mean his wife was still there to complain about the mess?

  4. Atthex Says:

    We love you, Greg 🙂

  5. NnysVelvetRevolver Says:

    nice job keeping that droid or IPod or watever so close to the water regurgitation

  6. COGKevin333 Says:

    did he really get devorced

  7. EddieTattoProduction Says:

    Am I the only one thinking he throwing up more water than he drank? O_o

  8. FireflyeEhecatl Says:


  9. MapleMusicVideos Says:

    this is so nasty im trying to watch some good videos i click this while eatting and i wanna throw up… why can’t he just make a video where he isn’t trying to kill himself like the banana song one =/

  10. alojz300 Says:

    what an odd way to drink water..

  11. prakash2187 Says:

    only thing he knows is good acting and how to spill things all around…but nice vids..i felt the videos enchanting and energetic.

  12. ColdSixOneFour Says:

    what THE FUCK DO YOU SMOKE..please pm me bak so i can get some

  13. JuliaSmh Says:

    i would like to know more information about onision if he really get divorced.

  14. chrscchrn Says:

    I like how his phone was right next to where he spit out the water

  15. icedragon153153 Says:

    All I have to say is…O.o

  16. RhythmInDiscord Says:

    1:25 LOL

  17. shadowfox207 Says:

    DDD: wait whut!
    poor guy

  18. Apocalyptikai Says:

    He has officially lost his cool. Think about it: People constantly ignoring what he has to say, his divorce. He feels like he is the only person in the world like him.

  19. wizardfreak1000 Says:

    this is too funny

  20. Kiwi653 Says:

    @JuliaSmh he did.

  21. eyeheartpancakes Says:

    i noticed that phone on the end of the table there. a homeless guy wouldnt have that. lol

  22. dizzy2dope17 Says:

    Hello I’m Uncle Steve and I really wanna Die HmHa!

  23. DontCallUsStupid Says:

    @ JuliaSmh ya he actually got divorced he has a few speaks videos about it. They’re kind depressing 🙁

  24. FacelessOnlooker Says:

    The puking water thing made me laugh and laugh.

  25. ChaseVX Says:

    OMG….. that cellphone almost got wet D: