State Child Adoption Bonuses & Rewards Motivate Family Court Cases

See Petition State of Missouri Leaves out the Timeline to the case that shows how they set the child up for adoption by using their own first hand knowledge. State officials on the case, left out information in order to obtain an unlawful termination. Time line shows their knowledge of their own actions and predated intentions to procure an unlawful adoption. Timeline was never allowed or used during court procedures that would show the judges deliberate ignorance and intentions to hide their own acts of child endangerment and fraud to obtain an unlawful adoption. Courts Rule on Parental Bonding To Separate Mother& Daughter while collecting federal funds, bonuses and rewards. Missouri state officials have taken the right to claim that a parent or child has no bond between them in order to establish a termination of parental rights act of law. See petition, Child Abduction By The State What Would Our Lifes Be Like Today, If We Could Have Been Together? The state of Missouri makes devastating rulings based on parental bonding, while collecting their bonuses and rewards for children. Missouri state policians continue to ignore allow for the family courts to take authority over parental bonding giving them the right to create and make false claims regarding a parental bonds worth in order to terminate parental rights in the state of Missouri.

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25 Responses to “State Child Adoption Bonuses & Rewards Motivate Family Court Cases”

  1. ShreddedSociety Says:

    Why don’t the just get straight to the point when they write these laws?

  2. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    Tarchomraicer, doesnt read as it sounds,
    It is double edged, wrapped up, if someone takes a child from state care, it does not constitute that the state can be interfered with as regards its performance

    Simply put if you take a child which is yours by right, that will not interfere with state function so the state can proceed with matters.

    All it shows is the idiocity of the law and its creators and how they have to wrap things so as they sound as deceitfully stupid as they themselves are.

  3. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    The Law in America is obviously written by idiots and buffoons, who cannot string a sentence together simple enough for people to understand. Morons and incompitents just like the Governor of Missouri and its family courts which have to rely on lies, deceit and Perjury to get their results.

    Sickening and perverse examples of how the law has been manipulated while the bone headed politicians have their single braincells castrated by the smooth talking creeps they call Attorneys.

  4. ShreddedSociety Says:

    The Missouri laws are always written in that manner. It begins to make sense but then they throw something in there that makes it twisted so that if the law could have been to present itself in the light for the citizen, instead its written in such a way that would ultimately benefit the system and destroy the person.

  5. WOOTMIX Says:

    It hapend to me when i was 15, and yeah the foster mother did nothing but bash my family especialy my mom,and talkt about my other fam even know she dint know them i was supose to be out of home for a month and that turnd into 2 long years,and i was only able to go back becouse my mom moved and they moved the case and the new social worker bless her so much she lookt at what hapend and all my files and set me free,i got lucky but i know what ur going through.

  6. WOOTMIX Says:

    Il pray for you and your child shes in bad hands no matter what they tell you.

  7. catherinesara Says:

    How can he say- the child cannot come home.

    Child is a free CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE.

    What stuff??

    The child only has ONE MOTHER.

    No one else can be her mother -so I fail to see where this man is being conditioned from as his nature is Draconian Patriarchal in nature.

    Sad thing is- he believes he is right-.

    But, the children are about to teach the adults of this world WHAT LOVE IS.

  8. catherinesara Says:

    What God is he talking about.?

    She clearly does not FEEL that she belongs with these people.

    What this man is doing is SOUL DESTRUCTION OF A CHILD.

    That is serious abuse of a human child.

  9. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    To to all of this her daughter is now under a serious threat from a 19 year old man who has seriously threatened her, this is child endagerment nothing less than.

    This guy is 19 years old and has threatened to kill her is she whoars herself.

    This is a 13 year old child this video is on shredded’s channel.

    I reported this to the childcare authorities yesterday.

    But the foster parents should now face charges of serious and sustained emotional abuse on a minor.

  10. catherinesara Says:

    The Bond is crystal clear to me.

    This is attempted PAS- a crime if it were the natural parent who did it.

    So, it is a crime for Corporate Parent too.

    That is why children are beginning to sue these court agents now, and one has already won her case so the precedent is set.

  11. catherinesara Says:

    the eyes of the stars are watching her carefully.

  12. georgiagritz Says:

    as long as these new world order pests don’t come anywhere near me, they won’t have to worry about war, because i don’t believe that just because your an american, means you have the right to exist!

  13. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    Hmm! not sure quite where the above comment is going, either that or I am losing my ability to read.

    NWO? No,not really a lot of this boils down to extremely bad courtroom procedure and even poorer politicians who would rather prance around as dollies (ugly ones at that) on the international stage, whilst forgetting that laws should be properly thought out so they cant be misused.

    The US family court system is screwed so is the UKs, it needs totally rewriting. Too many idiots in charge.

  14. mothersforjusticeAU Says:

    that is absolutely disgusting,who is the germ who was saying your not going to get her back?now you have a new president maybe it will change,we are looking like our states becoming liberal so then it will definately change in oz but untill then we must fight on together deligates from each city,town,state,country all unite under the one banner hey as there are safety in numbers god bless she is a beautiful child,mine are blonde and blue eyed also the ‘purfect” one’s are the chosen1s xxx

  15. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    The germ as you refer to him is the foster parent who along with his 19 year old son is bullying harassing and inflicting emotional abuse on shreddedsocietys daughter his name is now on heartofmorpeth

    Something the Missouri authorities dont seem to give a damn about…
    I have had enough!!

  16. liverpoollou6 Says:

    He says it over and it is like he has to convince himself of what he is saying is true.He sounds like he is on unsafe ground here.Who does he think he is ? he can not be your daughters voice. She has to have her own legal voice. How sad he has to have power over somebody else’s a child

  17. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    Neither of these people are nice, believe me as for the decision shredded was defrauded by lies. Im convinced that the judge must have been out of his mind to have considered this. As for the Guardian Ad Litem (her name on my channel), a more horrible woman would be hard to find and she would call this justice. This woman is nothing more than a parasite and a disgrace to her profession.

    She should be disbarred from practicing alongside that numbskull of a judge that finalised the decision.

  18. FastMile Says:

    This is not your daughter, so plz go away you dirty hooker.

  19. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    Ever considered neutering for yourself FastMile as it would prevent future generations of your braindead offspring from blessing us with your ineptitude.

  20. Sassyterly Says:

    I see that you’re looking for a lawyer, two of my uncles who own their own law firms, specialize in this kind of cases. And have been very successful in winning child custody cases for the parents whether it be for Mom/Dad. I will tell them about your case and see what they tell me. You seem to have a compelling case, against the state i will see what my uncle’s will say and we can keep in contact. Keep hope alive and stay strong. Peace

  21. smmeegal Says:

    Blessings and peace to Shredded and her beautiful family and everyone.

  22. lindamac Says:

    As requested the Children’s Prison Vid. I can not bear to hear this man talking to any mother like this.

  23. BennoDora Says:

    I Hope you keep fighting for you daughter wich i know you do. It’s Great what you are doing. But never give up!
    Pray to God, and dont pray for help, pray for the food and the poor children.
    I Think you can get her back if powerful people helps.
    But always keep ya head up!

    Hope DR.Phil Helps Ya.
    Love And God bless u and ur daughter.
    RememberTUPAC and JesusLOVE! 😉

  24. WeToldUSo Says:

    Excellent documentary of a case that was currupted from the very begining. After reading the petition, it lookes like the court officials desperately tried to do things to cover up what they orriginally planned to do from the begining. What a currupt case.

  25. SleepingGiantsSister Says:

    Please contact DRUANNA, she just defeated childrens services, she recinded her right for governence and became a secured creditor, now the government works for her. she is on youtube, try to contact her, she may be able to help guide you through this horrible situation.