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Watch all five parts together: www.youtube.com Message # 54 Spiritual and Physical Adoption The Christian Life is a 103 part series that was preached at Grace Bible Church in Warren Michigan starting in May 2005. This series contains a variety of different messages centering on the Christian life. You dont have to listen to these messages in any particular order; but it is recommended you start from the beginning as these messages have a continuing flow to them. Please feel free to leave comments or send me an email Matt@drawafish.com 1.Full of Grace and Truth 2.Gods Omnipotence 3.Gods Omniscience 4.Omniscipience of God 5.Omnipresence of God 6.The Fatherhood of God 7.Transformed and conformed 8.The Offering up of the Gentiles 9.The help of the Holy Spirit 10.Full of His fullness 11.Pauls prayer for fullness 12.Knowing what passes knowledge 13. We know not how to pray 14.Praying as we ought 15.The Privilege of Prayer 16.Why tragedy and disaster 17.Looking Biblically at natural disasters 18.How should we then live 19.Living with purpose 20.Gods eternal purpose 21.The soul departs—Where? 22.The soul departs upon death 23.The spirit of man 24.The soul of man 25.Effects upon the soul 26.The body of sin 27.The effect of the fall 28.How Great a Salvation 29.The change salvation wrought 30.Be careful of the old man 31.The power is of God 32.Works vs. fruits 33.The principles of grace 34.Two kinds of People 35.Three types of Christians 36.3 hindrances to spirituality 37

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One Response to “Spiritual and Physical Adoption / pt 5 of 5 / Grace Bible church / rightlydividing.org”

  1. basswatt1 Says:

    Great teaching throughly blessed and encouraged from start to finish.I have listened to all 5 parts.God bless the teacher .