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Solicitor Pages is the brand new web search engine that offers areas of the law the opportunity to be listed in an esoteric E-Directory solitary for organisations of that trade.  After extensive research and development Solicitor Pages eventually launched it’s inimitable web device for all UK based solicitors on the 1st of September 2010. Other search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing rely very much on gadgets and media features. This is where Solicitor Pages differentiates. The company understands that finicky exaggerative features can lure consumers attention elsewhere and clients wouldn’t receive the deserved amount of feedback that is required to sustain their loyalty; which is why they comprised an easy search facility to match their ‘anti-gimmick’ minimal interface.

Solicitor Pages keeps their clients best interest close to heart and assures to obtain a quality service. They understand that they need to offer more than just an online directory and they do this by using the convenient and practical live support facility.

This online search resource complies with its own ethos providing an efficient and affordable product. The company instantaneously inputs a free listing for any Solicitor interested in the facility, which supplies companies with a free advertisement; directly increasing their customer base.

However, in order for a solicitor to utilise the search engine to its full capacity, they would have to invest in a display advert, banner advert or sponsored listing. The general cost for a company to advertise with would exceed £1000. With Solicitor pages, the general cost for the same advertisement would cost 75% less and in the long term, prove very beneficial.


Due to the generous pricing that the company has set, you will find that the higher percentage of solicitors will advertise with the web resource. This then suggests a major increase of solicitors listed on and because it is cumulative, it makes the selection of available solicitors for specified areas much more substantial. Which, for consumers, provides a wide-ranging variety and heightens the visitation.


The areas of law range from Family law to Personal Injury also Conveyancing (both Commercial and domestic) to Criminal law. With vast area of law to choose from Solicitor pages is the best portal to choose when searching for a Solicitor in the U.K.

Solicitor Pages also reward consumers for using the search engine by giving away £25.00 gift vouchers to consumers who leave a review on the Solicitor they have used on a random basis.


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