Seven Reasons Why Marriages End in Divorce

It is very surprising to look at society’s statistics regarding marriage nowadays. Whereas divorce was very rare in the past, nowadays, more than half of all married couples are calling it quits. We can’t help but wonder what happened to change marriage success rates so drastically over the past few decades. If someone is unhappy in their union nowadays, they likely won’t see much reason to stick around being miserable. Listed below are seven of the major reasons marriages fail:

1. When trust and understanding are no longer part of a marriage, it’s headed for failure. With this in mind, you should work on seeing things the way that your partner sees them without being too stubborn. It is especially helpful to learn how to compromise.

2. Plenty of couples start to grow apart over time because everyone changes as the years go by. The experiences that we have over our life will prompt the changes that occur. Don’t be tempted to get divorced just because your partner has changed.

3. There are also some who think about divorce because they think that they would be happier with someone else. Infidelity is one of the main reasons why so many people are ending up in divorce court these days. In truth, most of themselves unable to be happy in any kind of relationship due to the fact that they aren’t willing to make the commitment to live with both bad and good.

4. Living in a sexless marriage is no way to live, and things likely won’t last much longer. People who have sexual relations prior to marriage often find themselves getting bored with their partner before too long. The concept of keeping yourself for marriage wasn’t far off base. You need to work on keeping your sexual interest in each other alive over time.

5. Too many lies can destroy a marriage. You should always be able to look at your partner as someone you can fully trust. If there is any distrust between partners, then things are certainly headed in a bad direction.

6. People who place all of the blame for their problems on their spouse will also be a detriment for their marriage. That’s why you need to focus more on solving your problems instead of worrying about who is to blame for them.

7. If you cause your partner to feel that you don’t provide enough support, then your marriage will also be headed for trouble. Your partner needs to provide you with many different things, with one of the main things being support. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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