Settling Your Orange County Divorce through Mediation

Settling Your Orange County Divorce through Mediation

No one looks forward to the process involved with a divorce.  Even if both parties agree that there is no other choice but to end a marriage, the process required in order to accomplish this through the court system can be extremely stressful, extremely antagonistic and extremely expensive.  While many Newport Beach family lawyers will work with clients towards a fast and civil solution to a divorce, that doesn’t guarantee that the situation will play out that way.

In short, getting started with a divorce is a risk for everyone involved.  What’s at stake includes the possibility of an amenable dynamic between the parties, assets that both people have spent years accumulating and the ability to move on with life anytime soon.  Thankfully, there is another option that can be explored with the help of an experienced Newport Beach family lawyer.  It’s known as mediation, and below you’ll find a brief overview of how you can work through the ending of a marriage with the help of an Orange County divorce mediator.

Orange County Divorce Mediators Guide You towards a Settlement

Some divorces are settled between the parties, but properly ending a marriage where just the parties are involved and making sure that all laws are properly followed is a long shot for those who do not have a legal background.  While Newport Beach family lawyers can explain the law, not all of them have a background in mediation.

An Orange County divorce mediator has a background in mediation.  This allows the mediator to structure the meetings between the parties such that tangible steps are taken and meaningful issues are solved.  No two divorces are ever exactly alike, but experienced Orange County divorce mediators understand this and are able to work with everyone in such a way that conclusions are attainable.

Advantages to Working with an Orange County Divorce Mediator

Aside from the ability to avoid the legal costs that can arise if someone hires a Newport Beach family lawyer and litigates the situation, working with an Orange County divorce mediator can bring an end to this process quickly, can help the parties remain civil with each other and can provide for an ongoing working relationship between the spouses.  This is critically important if there are children from the marriage, as too many families have been permanently destroyed when a nasty divorce fight breaks out and the process extends for months or years.

Overall, though, you need to find out more about this process for yourself.  If you’d rather work with an Orange County divorce mediator as opposed to fighting your way through this process with a Newport Beach family lawyer, contact Zonder Family Law Mediation today to schedule an initial consultation so you can obtain all the answers you need.

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