Selling Or Buying Your House? Then Get A Good, Local Solicitor

If you’re selling a house you will employ two key professionals. The first you are likely to engage will be the estate agent. He or she will help you set a realistic asking price, and advertise your house to potential buyers. It is likely to be much further down the line, possibly only after you’ve accepted a bid, that you will begin looking for the second professional: the conveyancing solicitor.

Because you are expected to proceed thus, a large proportion of people will appoint a property solicitor recommended by the estate agent, who will probably pocket a fee for the referral. However, the conveyancing lawyers working behind the new ‘chain’ estate agencies in particular, inevitably lack the kinds of local contacts on the ground that will have been built up by a long-established firm of solicitors. These contacts can be instrumental in (for example) unblocking a legal or procedural logjam that may ultimately threaten the sale.

It is prudent therefore to think about finding a quality local conveyancing solicitor to begin with – and allowing them to direct you to an equally reputable estate agent. A solicitor who is a fixture in the local community is able to lift the phone and talk to various council officers, government representatives and related business and trades people in the area, most of whom he or she will know personally.

Employing a venerable, family solicitors firm is unlikely to cost more, and may well cost less. Conveyancing fees do not show wide variations across the industry and the better companies will offer a fixed quotation, with many offering a free online service, so you can be reassured before you decide to make contact.

The other main advantage of this type of company is that they are a one-stop service for all aspects of law: wills, probates, family matters, civil disputes and criminal matters. For many of us, buying or selling property may be our only dealings with legal professionals but it is probable that the majority will have other cause at some point to need to talk to a legal expert. The personal service that is standard for the client of a reputable local solicitors and the distant relationship you will have with a sausage-machine conveyancing outfit are, frankly, chalk and cheese.

As the most important bit of business you will ever do, the buying or selling of your house should be handled by people with a real reputation to protect. Plumping for the first conveyancing company you find online or in the phone book is not the best way of making sure that buying or selling something as expensive and important as your home goes smoothly. Use a reputable firm of solicitors where you are dealing with just one individual who looks after your case. Getting the process wrong can be a complete disaster.

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