Public Hearing on South Korean Adoption Law Part 15 – END

Public Hearing on S. Korea’s domestic and international adoption law. July 1, 2009, Seoul. Brought to you by TRACK – Truth and Reconciliation for the Adoption Community of Korea.

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3 Responses to “Public Hearing on South Korean Adoption Law Part 15 – END”

  1. b0400301 Says:

    STOP selling children. START using protection. START sex education. START work against prostitution and START emanicipate women and START support single parents! CHANGE the social system to be more tolerant than conservative! It is very simple.

    It is a disgrace for South Korea, no other state will take south Korea seriously as long as international adoption prevails! You have no idea how hard we, the adoptees have to struggle. SHAME on South Korea

  2. MrFlyingPanda Says:

    omg stop using WE
    ur vendetta is not a concern for all of us!!!!of course many changes are needed but when i see ur kind of message , i always feel anger, i am too very angry but this, i think, has very few to do with “your struggle”

  3. daebob Says:

    @b0400301 blame holt not korea. shame on the people who adopted you not korea.