Properties For Sale – Market Your Home To A Real Estate Investor

Even though at the end of the day you want to sell a property at the best price possible, it pays to remember that the sale is to an investor who want to make a profit, not someone who wants to live there. When selling the property you can usually increase the price by making is aesthetically agreeable to the potential buyer. Rental property is atypical, because it’s acquired by investors who are qualified to look at income rather than new paint. The cash, for example rent, is more general than not more important than the building.

Looking at the house as an income also means looking at ways to make that income increase.

1. Look at for similar rental properties in your area and what the rental costs are for them. Compare your rent to theirs; if you are charging less then you could feasibly put up the rent without loosing tenants.

2. Invest in finishing the basement and rent it as a separate unit or if there is plenty of grounds to the property what about an extension to give an extra bedroom?

3. Find out what your tenants want out of the property and ask around to find out what tenants ask for in general. Laundry facilities, in fact all kitchen appliances, could make the property more rentable and bring in larger rental fees.

4. Looking at energy efficiency saving such as a new boiler or double-glazed windows could also increase the amount a rent payer is willing to pay, or if it is you as a landlord paying these bills then it will lower your overheads.

Once you have made the decision to sell, and have a grasp of your income property’s financial picture, it’s time to put together an individual marketing plan that will present your investment house or condo to the buying public in the best possible light.

You are nearly ready to market your Calgary real estate building, before you do take a look at some final points that will hopefully make things run a little easier:

• Chat to renters tenants, if your property is currently tenanted. Sometimes owners don’t even tell their tenants that they are selling, which is unbusinesslike to say the least.

• When chatting to your tenants, use the chance to explain not only what is taking place with the property, but what it means for them as tenants. Reassure rent payers as to the closing date that you are seeking.

• While staging is not nearly as significant as it would be for residential real estate you can still make sure that your property is clean and adequately prepared for showings.

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