President Bush 2003 Signs Adoption Act International Orphans

Now on GoogleBooks President George W. Bush signs the 2003 Adoption Act to help adoptive families and their children integrate faster into mainstream American life; David Livianu is a fervent supporter of such beneficial actions that expedite adoption procedures and reduces the stress experienced by families. Livianu is an adoption motivational speaker and educates families & professionals on the latest best practices and standards in countries all over the world. His latest work is a new encyclopedic guide containing 12 volumes and 2 audio library guides, The 2008 Guide To US and International Adoptions. The guide which culminates 7 years of study and travel, details the adoptions laws, orphanages, contacts and fees for adoption in over 150 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Over 16500 e-pages, 2200 mp3 tracks (more than 50 hours of recorded work). Questions? call 718-627-4049 or write to

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One Response to “President Bush 2003 Signs Adoption Act International Orphans”

  1. davlor86 Says:

    bush was better than obama