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If perhaps you’re beginning to feel as though separation and divorce could be the only way to solve your relationship issues, it is important you know a bit more about what ‘getting divorced’ will involve. It’s always wise to speak with an expert, and our Family Law Solicitors Bristol office will provide you with the advice you’ll need, but here’s some general information that will be useful.

Grounds For Divorce
The very first thing you must do is to show that your marriage has broken down to the extent that there is no chance of rebuilding the marriage. Across England you can ask the court for a divorce after you have been married for a 12 months and when one of the following is applicable:

Separation for 2 years
Separation for 5 years
Unreasonable behaviour

Just as each relationship is completely unique, so is each divorce. In some cases it can be a rather amicable affair, while in other situations there may be a great deal of animosity amongst the two parties. The state of mind of the husband and wife getting a divorce is going to have a significant impact on the length of time the process is going to take. Those parties who enter into proceedings with an attitude of co-operation and amicable negotiation could realistically expect the Decree Absolute to be granted in a few months. People who encounter issues which they can’t agree on might have to wait several years for their divorce to become final.

The Cost
Besides the basic court fees the cost of your divorce process is likely to vary according to the solicitor you pick to represent you, the complexity of your case plus the length of time it’s going to take to resolve it. Not all divorce solicitors are the same and just because one may perhaps cost less than another doesn’t mean they will be the better option. Picking a less expensive solicitor might mean that you will be hiring an individual with much less experience of managing your particular situation.

Divorce Alternatives
Separation is often a more appropriate alternative to getting divorced and one which leaves your options open for the future. In the event you decide this is going to be the best way forward, depending on your situation, it can certainly be a good idea to formalise certain aspects of the separation. When you have young children then child custody arrangements could be drafted, plus some form of financial arrangement may be useful.

If you’re considering a divorce, or handling any kind of Family Law problem, get in touch with our Family Solicitors Bristol office. With different levels of service to suit all budgets, we will make sure you get the help and advice you need.

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