Pinky Bites Johnny Law

This is a live dump from a TV show. The cop is trying to get Pinky adopted and then Pinky goes NUTS and gets tangled up in the leash and wrapped around the cop’s leg, then CHOMP! It’s hilarious.

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23 Responses to “Pinky Bites Johnny Law”

  1. alexluvsparkour Says:

    hahahahahahahaha thats so funny|!!

  2. sangie172 Says:

    bad kitty.

  3. optionthis Says:

    holy shazbot!

  4. Kalifaygo Says:

    lol wow that cop deserved it

  5. michaelbearnm Says:

    So, did the cat get put down, or was it adopted by a drug dealer for cop control?

  6. ach3ra12 Says:

    ill Adoped it then beat the shit out of it

  7. goosebusters Says:


  8. aallppiinnee Says:

    lol you deserve to get cancer lol

  9. smokeweedeveryday815 Says:

    no the cop did deserve it

  10. smokeweedeveryday815 Says:

    good kitty!!! tear dat fuckin pig apart

  11. YoseiiC Says:

    See? Cats hate pigs too.

  12. daveh1975 Says:

    I would adopt that cat in a heartbeat.
    Pretty damn smart cat. It knows who to bite.

  13. Timanator3336 Says:

    OMG that is the coolest cat in the world

  14. pwnageprata Says:

    its inhumanly fast when its jumping around

  15. maristeph Says:

    Pinky I love you and will adopt you ASAP!!

  16. lupinvash3 Says:

    Heh. The first time I saw this on Maximum Exposure, I was just laughing my ass off.

  17. Xiber1 Says:

    cat wanted to be freed off the leash, just should have let it go

  18. AnnaxBear Says:


  19. fogelmir Says:

    Get a Catfax history report!

  20. Tsmizurf Says:

    LMAO!!! that shit is soooo fucking funny!! LOL!!!

  21. Gilderquail Says:

    lol , your some burnout who hates cops because pot is illegal

  22. AustinFenderStrat Says:

    That’s one mean pussy right there LOL

  23. TheMonster696969 Says:

    Ha pet of the week huh??
    He’s pet of the year in my book!!! XD