Personal Injury Solicitors – Respect for a Vital Professional Service

Personal Injury Solicitors – Respect for a Vital Professional Service

How often during the last few years, have you been approached whilst out shopping on the streets of your local town by a lady or a gentleman (often in a bright red jacket – in the winter at least) with a big grin on their face and a clipboard in their hand posing you a question that goes something like this: “Hello Sir/Madam, have you had any accidents or injuries in work during the past 6 months?”

Fortunately, this practice has either been curtailed or these people have simply given up on my town, because I have not seen them for quite some time now.

Sometimes, rather cynically, known as ambulance chasers, these street mercenaries have unfortunately given somewhat of a bad name to an absolutely crucial professional service, namely that of the personal injury solicitor.

Unlike the people that may approach you in the street, who actually seem to hope you have had an accident, no matter how minor, so they can earn their commission from your personal injury, a solicitor who specialises in accidents and injury claims deserve far more respect for doing what can often be a distressing and uncomfortable job.

Accidents of varying seriousness unfortunately occur on a daily basis and undoubtedly there are going to be claims and counter claims. This inevitably involves a great deal of sensitive paperwork that has to change hands, back and forth between parties.

Now, hopefully I won’t be in need of a personal injury solicitor any time soon, but if I did need one, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would much prefer to seek the advice of a respectable and reputable law firm than a man with a clipboard in the street!

These situations, due to their complicated nature can often taken lengthy periods of time to resolve fully and the tendency to worry about rising legal costs is only natural. However, many of these professional companies will operate a no win, no fee scheme in order to provide you with an extra layer of confidence and security and to give you a little peace of mind amidst the turmoil that you may be going through.

It is certainly something to look for (no win, no fee) if you find yourselves in the unfortunate position of needing a solicitor and it’s well worth doing your homework, perhaps looking at the law firms websites on the internet, so you can approach one that you feel most comfortable with.

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