ONISION & TANTAGA DIVORCED!?!? FOR REAL!?!?! No! Of course not! This is all a big SCAM to get more hits, because you’re an all-knowing freaking genius who see’s through everyone else’s lies. They couldn’t possibly be having LEGITIMATE problems, they are in the public eye after all, which means they aren’t human. YAY for being an expert on human psychology aka a social retard. The Onision site: onision.net Facebook facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

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  1. xANARCHYxMEGHYx Says:

    @thelazygecko Yeah that’d probably be there to make the lie more convincing.

  2. shayneplots Says:

    im sorry man. ill pray you get through this. ill put out positive energy into the universe for you

  3. thelazygecko Says:

    @xANARCHYxMEGHYx it really seems genuine. go check out all the videos yourself

  4. bluepinky45 Says:

    1.pause video at o:oo

    2.press and hold left and up arrow key at the same time

    3.enjoy snake

    thumbs up if it works

  5. AbsoluteMAL Says:

    @SkunkCake ummm they did get divorced..

  6. LittleMissWerepire Says:

    1:39- 1:48 he sounds like light from death note o.e

  7. worldtravel101 Says:

    im an independent hater xixi

  8. Gray9010 Says:

    Is it right to laugh at this?

  9. nibbleninjas Says:

    @SkunkCake He actually is divorced, and has been for over a month. =_=
    try looking into things more before calling people retards

  10. rainbowfizz104 Says:

    @SkunkCake do you not recognize sarcasm when you see it? Yeah, read the description, and while you’re at it you might want to check your facts.

  11. superwheelchair1331 Says:


  12. CortOwnsHalo3 Says:

    Its sad because theres and ad ofg bieng single right ext to the vid…. 🙁

  13. 1RedFox2 Says:

    this was uploaded on my birthday, which makes me even more sad 🙁

  14. flameformer Says:

    did he really get divorce

  15. flameformer Says:

    does that mean no more haters united with sonny

  16. Chewie44444444 Says:

    press 6 multiple times 🙂

  17. willshireman Says:

    Love that part.

  18. mileyrocks852 Says:

    awww poor guy..
    i feel so bad for him.. getting divorced must really suck..

  19. alebre12 Says:

    did you really get divorce

  20. purple29100 Says:

    @albre12 yeah he did

  21. purple29100 Says:

    @alebre12 yeah he did get a divorce

  22. BUTTRUB88 Says:

    ok strong finish FUUUUUUUCK


    You ripped your Rod Danger shirt. 🙁

  24. DontCallUsStupid Says:

    At the very end when u run at the camera it’s kinda scary

  25. Raian707 Says:

    Onision is as fake as his wig