No Win No Fee Solicitors: Things to Consider Before Appointing Them to Represent You

If you have had an accident, or been involved in any kind of incident that has caused you some kind of distress or personal injury and which is not your fault, you may be entitled to appoint no win no fee solicitors to recover compensation on your behalf. Clearly you will want to consider the pros and cons both of making a claim using a no win no fee solicitor in the first place, and of the particular no win no fee company you are looking at before you start:

Find out what “no win no fee” really means at the solicitors you are thinking of using. There are actually two variants of the no win no fee solicitors model. One involves your solicitor taking a fee from your winnings in the event of a successful claim (most claims made by a no win no fee solicitor are successful). The other, which is preferable for you, involves your solicitor taking his or her fee from the losses incurred by the person or organisation against whom, or which, you are claiming.
Bear in mind that your no win no fee solicitors are the experts here. If you have had any kind of accident or incident for which you think you are entitled to claim, talk to your solicitor’s expert staff, which will indicate the likely success of your application. As a general rule, if your no win no fee solicitor thinks that there is reason to pursue a claim for personal injury then you would be well advised to pursue it.

Make sure that the time involved in making your claim (there isn’t much, but it is still time) is worth the perceived outcome. For example: if your no win no fee solicitors think they can recover a couple of hundred pounds for you after you have slightly hurt yourself and the injury has gone away, there may be less point in making a claim than if you have debilitating whiplash for months on end and might get several thousand in compensation.

Try to choose a no win no fee solicitor that employs specific experts in different areas of claim compensation. There are discrete and highly special areas of claims and compensation law, each with their own experts: slips, trips and falls; personal injury; motor vehicle incidents; public liability; and medical negligence. For your claim to have the highest chance of yielding, your no win no fee solicitors need to have the expertise to deal with each type of claim efficiently.

Find out how easy it is for you to fill out a form for you no win no fee solicitor. Some firms give you the option to start your claim online. Look for the company that makes your life easiest.

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