No Win No Fee Solicitors – 5 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring One

No Win No Fee solicitors emerged along with the introduction of the Contingency Fees Agreement Regulations in 1995.  These claims were funded to enable people to get a fair hearing and replaced the government-funded legal aid system.

An independent regulator was initially employed to process all applications and to assess whether the case for compensation was valid. Since 1995, the decision now rests with the chosen law firm and the No Win No Fee agreement is then solely between the client and the solicitor.

Once the agreement is signed, if you fail to win your claim you will not have to pay your solicitor’s fees. Insurance covers you against the costs and expenses incurred by the other side. Should you win your claim, you receive full compensation free of deductions and your solicitor’s fees are paid by the other side. You should consider these points before employing a No Win No Fee solicitor:

1. Many solicitors specialise in particular areas of the law or industry. Is your chosen solicitor qualified to handle your claim?

2. Is your solicitor knowledgeable of the current trends in the particular area of the law that applies to your case?

3. Does your solicitor plan to claim for all his/her fees and expenses from the opponent?

4. Have your wishes with regard to settling a claim, or going to court been agreed upon with your solicitor?

5. Is your solicitor willing to insure your claim against the chances that you may lose?

These are important issues that need to be clarified before employing a law firm to act on your behalf.

Firms that specialize in one area such as Accident Injury, or maintain a specialised department in the area of your claim are usually recommended over generalists.  They will be aware of all that is required in order to give you the best chance of success.

If you can supply your solicitor with a written detail of events that covers all the relevant points in relation to your accident, this will help speed up your claim. Information relating to the witnesses; their names and addresses, medical reports and a diary setting out every detail of the accident and what effect it’s had on your lifestyle will bolster your chances of success.

Regardless of your personal financial situation, claiming for compensation is your right, and a solicitor who fully understands the law in such matters, can work on your behalf at little or not cost to you.

Being involved in an accident is an extremely traumatic event.  The more competent the solicitor, the less stress you will have to endure in order to be compensated for your loss.

Before hiring your solicitor, ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable about engaging the solicitor. Get referrals and recommendations from others who have successfully received a compensation claim.  And take advantage of the many websites and online resources dedicated to providing information on No Win No Fee solicitors.

Nigel Nobles is a writer covering accident claims, personal injury claims, compensation claims and No Win No Fee solicitors. To find out more about using the No Win No Fee option for your claim, visit
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