New Law Requires Women To Name Baby, Paint Nursery Before Getting Abortion

In The Know panelists say more states should make decorating a nursery and choosing a baby name required steps in obtaining access to an abortion.

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25 Responses to “New Law Requires Women To Name Baby, Paint Nursery Before Getting Abortion”

  1. TimRuffle Says:

    Funny- but I bet someone’s taking notes.

  2. metalatheist Says:

    is this a joke?

  3. Hexl702 Says:

    @metalatheist “”is this a joke?”””

    LOL, hard to tell isn’t it? The proloofas really ARE that ridiculous sometimes.

  4. HeyImKli4d Says:

    WHAT?!? The skin is the best part. Hell ya!

  5. JJAB91 Says:

    @Hexl702 -_-

  6. jaymo3ny Says:

    its called adoption, but oh poor you. needing to go through a pregnancy oh poor you. by the way not all people that denounce abortion are religious. even if it is your body the man supplied half the genes to make that fetus, so in the context of the argument men should be able to say half my genes half my choice.

  7. bookcreator Says:

    @jaymo3ny The man’s not the one stuck with it, now is he? Oh and have some sympathy, will you? You have no idea what situations require women to get abortions in the first place, or what made them have unprotected sex. God, I hate the amount of misogyny that pro-lifers have! Unless you meet every woman facing an unwanted pregnancy and meet them personally, you are in absolutely no position to judge.

  8. jaymo3ny Says:

    And I love how pro-choice people have the right to proclaim we are wrong as if no other opinions matters. Guess what I’m cool with them aborting the baby if it will kill the mother or the baby will not live. What I’m not okay with is women aborting their babies, because of any other reason except life threatening reasons. Yes even if she is rape I believe that she should still have the child and it has nothing to do with me being a bigot.

  9. jaymo3ny Says:

    The reason why is because even if it was a evil man that caused it. the baby had nothing to do with it, so that child at least deserves a chance at life. Go ahead though denounce me as the anti Christ because I happen to believe that no matter what stage of life a human is in they deserve a chance at life. Even if they are a mass of cells in your body.

  10. Acrimonator Says:

    @jaymo3ny Even if a woman’s raped she should keep the baby, and have for all her life the recall of that very moment. You deserve to be raped…

  11. jaymo3ny Says:

    She is going to recall that moment for the rest of her life whether or not she has the abortion. If the baby really does remind her of the rapist then she can put it up for adoption. Also why do I deserve to be raped? No one does and I was never legitimizing rape. What I was saying is even though the child was brought in to this world by those bad circumstances that child shouldn’t be punished for it.

  12. FatsDomino64 Says:

    The birth control thing made me rofl, just saying. Sorry I’m not bitching about abortion in my comment or something.

  13. RushandSNLfan Says:

    Wow, haven’t seen this much fighting over an issue since cut or uncut!

  14. latashiariccarditig Says:

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  15. dahatta01 Says:

    PRO ABORTION!!!!!!!!!! we don’t need more kids with kids.

  16. 13rawk Says:

    Might not be a good law, but doing those things may be some really good advice someday ._.

  17. Headsetphobias Says:

    The Onion: Making idiots create controversies over fake videos they think are real every day.

    You idiots who are fighting over abortion, are just that:

    it’s the mothers right, and separation of state and church is in article 6 of the first amendment. You can’t win this, get over yourselves.

    And for those of you non-religious pro-life-ers, I repeat: the mothers right

  18. Thyrfing84 Says:

    I think Scrambles would be a good name for the about-to-be aborted fetus.

  19. samu3ljr Says:

    To all you nay-sayers this law is why I’m alive today

  20. rleary1 Says:

    Most women nowadays would have a hard enought time naming ‘the father’ let alone naming the baby. It’s nobody’s business if a woman kills her baby. I certainly don’t care & it will be one less fat person staring at their cell phone stumbling around in front of me or hitting me with their car running stop signs.

  21. ravenmartinesquire Says:

    @rleary1 Then no one will care if I kill my pedophile neighbor… Let the games begin!

  22. Kemaliajorgei Says:

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  23. rleary1 Says:

    @ravenmartinesquire If your pedophile neighbor has molested a kid why haven’t you contacted the police? That would be your responsibility. Is the pedophile a female schoolteacher or a man? If you have proof then do what you need to by all means.Regarding imprisoning doctors who perform abortion, should the Mom who has it be put to death or shown mercy & given ‘Life Imprisonment’. I personally think either is good if you’re going to blame the DR since he’s just performing a service.

  24. rleary1 Says:

    @Headsetphobias – good points

  25. rleary1 Says:

    @dahatta01 Or fat people in my way with cell phones at the grocery store!! I’m with Ya!