New law in Arizona to give MARRIED PARENTS priority in child adoption – PRAISE GOD!

Youtube/Google. This is NOT hate speech. This is FREE SPEECH. The next time someone “false flags” my account, please spend the 1 minute to examine their channel as well as mine. Chances are, they are the one spreading the HATE as they troll Christian videos and brag about flagging them. Now seriously. In my state of Arizona I recently found out about a BILL that would give priority to married couples when it comes to child adoption. This is AWESOME! We are one of the last conservative states left in the Union. Children come from a man and a woman. No exceptions. Therefor they should only go to a married man and woman couple so they at least get the needed MOTHER and FATHER role models and teachings. GOD designed us this way. It is his law!

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21 Responses to “New law in Arizona to give MARRIED PARENTS priority in child adoption – PRAISE GOD!”

  1. OldSchoolAmerican Says:

    Great vid bro! Get some sleep man, you’re eyes ain’t lookin so good…lol !

  2. Pwner5889 Says:

    Homos are just mad they can’t have kids of their own. So they have to revert adopting a kid just to indoctrinate them.

  3. Krazie316 Says:

    I love that beastial intro bro that’s tight, **now watching vid**

  4. childrescuer Says:

    While this is a good first step, there needs to be legislation in place that an adoption can not take place unless the birth parents are actually convicted of child abuse and that no other blood relative is available. Too often, children are removed from birth parents under false allegations. The courts are hopelessly corrupt. Single birth blood parents are just as good as two parents. It is impossible to be so idealistic as to believe children need two parents. Too many men are killed in wars

  5. HollyPhi Says:

    I totally agree with this law. Same sex couples should not be allowed to adopt. We can’t stop them from having their own children but letting them adopt a child is wrong. Their lifestyle choices shouldn’t be forced onto an innocent child.
    I agree with OldSchool. Your eyes aren’t looking to hot. Are you spending too much time on BTR? LOL. See ya later on BTR. We missed you there last night : )

  6. whatsnextnow19791 Says:

    I know that at least 50% of all couple divorce. I see your point on this. But how about the artificial direction? Same thing as adopting if born right? That would be wrong as well apparenty.

  7. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says:

    Divorce sucks. And it’s another tool of the NWO to break up families and/or make them weaker. The FEMINIST movement didn’t help either and THAT is part of the NWO to make things worse.
    Women want to work and at this point HAVE to work for us to pay for rent/mortgage and all the excesses we know think we need to live.

    TV shows like soaps and everything else make women (and men) want to go where the grass seems greener and leave their spouse for something they THINK is better.

  8. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says:

    Be grossed out.
    specials . msn . com/A-List/Pregnant-man . aspx?cp-searchtext=pregnant%20man&gt1=36010

    A women who became a man, kept her female parts. Later in life she got artificially inseminated so she could have a baby with her lesbian partner.

    of course it is STILL a farce. That baby has a DADDY somewhere. And it aint her partner and it aint her!

  9. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says:

    “Convicted” of child abuse. But the sad thing is we know an “accusation” is good enough for a “conviction” according to CPS if it means stealing a child!

    And yeah, the child should stay with a single birth parent vs being stolen and given to adopted parents.

  10. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says:

    Glad you liked that! It is sweet.
    Sometimes i don’t skip it cuz it’s so cool! :-]

  11. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says:

    Well i’m sure a scientist somewhere is actually attempting to make sperm and feces create life other than disease!

    In a debate I actually had a homosexual actually declare that “Evolution will enable men to have babies via anal intercourse’. And he was serious! He said a million years and it WILL happen.

    I laughed. I asked him “how the HELL, will it do that, even IF evolution is real? Homosexuals don’t produce life now that could carry on and want to ‘evolve'” HA HA HA!

  12. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says:

    Had me going for a sec. Then realized it was the ‘crazy cartoon eyes”!

  13. Pwner5889 Says:

    LOL!!! wow!! I wear nutcases like those people shouldn’t even be allowed to live on their own thinking like that. They need serious help. They need to be put in a mental institute. Seriously. I’ve seen and heard about tooo many illiterate homosexuals who can’t think for themselves.

  14. emptywithoutjesus Says:

    More good stuff! So true!

  15. childrescuer Says:

    I also think we must be careful here because in some states a “married” couple could mean two men or two women. THAT is why gays so desperately want to legalize gay marriage. The law should define “married” as only a man with a woman, or a male with a female. Of course, then the transsexuals will be claiming they are one or the other or both. It is also true that convictions of child abuse these days can be made without evidence or an exculpatory hearing.

  16. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says:

    Oh indeed. And I knew that. In ARIZONA this law works for us because same sexes can NOT be married.

    Heck. Not long ago we still had SODOMY LAWS in the U.S.A.
    All these new (20-something) homosexuals here don’t even know that history! It used to be a CRIME to engage in homosexual acts!
    And for GOOD REASON! It spreads disease at an EXPONENTIALLY higher rate. An anus BLEEDS every time. Weather you see it or not. And feces are in there. It’s not rocket science.

  17. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says:


    OH! Remember that one girl who had a “sex change” so she could legally marry her lover?
    But it kept the female organs inside. It is having it’s 3rd abominable kid!
    It LOOKS like a man on the outside because of perverse surgeries and hormones.

    specials . msn . com/A-List/Pregnant-man . aspx?cp-searchtext=pregnant%20man&gt1=36010

    Take the gaps away from around the dots

  18. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says:

    Thanks, my brother in Christ!

    We must PREACH BOLD as thy Bible tells us so. :-]

  19. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says:

    Bro, I’ve known a handful in real life who have doctrines in Psychology who don’t understand themselves! They wind up going NUTS!

  20. childrescuer Says:

    Yes, and have you seen a photo of Chastity Bono lately? She is a man now. What happened to that cute little girl? This is monsterous.

  21. GodGunsGutsGloryXtra Says: