Needing a Loan Originator for That Commercial Real Estate?

If youre an entrepreneur or other small businessperson, you may be looking out for a Loan Originator Commercial Property. Unarguably, a loan originator works for a lender ( usually a local bank ), yet theyre rarely an actual worker of that institution. Generally a Loan Originator Commercial Real estate is an independent contractor who works for herself or himself. They frequently keep their own business hours, and for their services, earn forty p.c of the banks loan charge (although this differs from one institution to another).

Essentially, a Loan Originator Commercial Real-estate is someone who looks for borrowers for a bank or other money institution.

According to Become a Loan Originator For a Local Lender?, at, just about anybody, anywhere, can become a Loan Originator Commercial Real-estate in a relatively short period of time.

The question then becomes, if youre serious about getting a real estate loan (or refinance) for your business, from just anyone, anywhere, who may only have an especially restricted amount of expertise, and who might be familiar with only the product lines of one fiscal institution?

There are Commercial Real estate Loan Originators who work with multiple lenders all across the land, and who have years of solid experience navigating the maze of paperwork, laws and rules, bureaucratic red tape, and who have got a indisputable track record of getting desired results for their customers.

Venture Funding Group is one such firm. Using their exclusive FAST TRACK Programme, Venture Funding Group is the Commercial Real-estate Loan Originator that digitizes your information as quickly as they receive it in order that they can look at a wide array of funding sources and options straight away.

After a period of being a Loan Originator Commercial Real estate, Venture Funding Group in addition has developed a close working relationship with the Small Business Administration (SBA). Using the SBA 504 loan guarantee programme, Venture Funding Group has obtained millions of dollars in commercial property loans for their clients, from money establishments and alternative sources across the nation. Often at much more propitious interest rates and terms than they could obtain on their own, or by going through a local Commercial Property Loan Originator.

Under the SBA 504 Program, owners of commercial properties can refinance a commercial building loan with a lower regular payment, at lower interest, and with less personal risk with a 90% LTV. So if you have got a commercial building for your business, this ninety percent LTV programme from the SBA will help you to find financing even with lower credit worthiness scores.

Venture Funding Group also works quickly . Not one of the bureaucracy and prescribed foot-dragging you’d likely encounter when dealing with a bank yourself. Venture Funding Group is one Loan Originator Commercial Real estate that understands that when youre in business for yourself, time is positively important. Lost weeks and days represent lost opportunities for you.

To learn more, click now for definitely free consultation and guidance. Or call us at 1-800-578-4884, if thats more your style.

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