Nas Divorce – Violation of the Rights of Men

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25 Responses to “Nas Divorce – Violation of the Rights of Men”

  1. Ragitsu Says:

    No Cenk, they’re not TOTALLY crazy: misandry has become very acceptable.

  2. 1guyiknow Says:

    The highest paid prostitution starts with a wedding in many cases.

  3. demopley Says:

    He’s paying for her lawyers to fuck him up, lmao. true words Cenk…

  4. pOeROsesyadig Says:

    glad im single

  5. TheJamericanqueen86 Says:

    Omg thats totally bonkers i’d hire a hit man cause i wouldnt be paying that shit… i mean if he’s rich or not 44k per month outta anyone’s pockets is eventually gonna break you… thats totally unfair that hoe has her own doe why does she need so much of his majority of the money he’s paying is going toward spousal support less than 10k a month is going toward child support, thats just wrong in soo many ways

  6. nelshane76 Says:

    23 women receive excessive child support.

  7. jamie22880 Says:

    i think she should get the child support and like a 2 mil one lump sum payment and then he’s done!

  8. xmike87 Says:

    How the fuck does she need more support than her kid?

  9. xardas611 Says:

    what if he is several times richer? that means he has expoloited poor americans who dont have healthcare insurance cause of bush tax cuts. I think he should pay all the expenses and obama should raise taxes on him

  10. jlpipe99 Says:

    Spousal Support is a crock unless a spouse was forced not to do anything finanacially. Child support is understandable if a parent isn’t actually parenting.

  11. drzendoom Says:

    we want prenup!

  12. morpheusxnyc Says:

    @xardas611 – That statement is stupid. He’s an entertainer who worked hard for his money. He’s not a company receiving corporate welfare, outsourcing jobs and having that outsourcing subsidized by our tax dollars.
    They make money for shareholders at the expense of Americans via a reverse-Robin Hood scheme where they rob the poor and give to the rich.

    “Obamacare” actually looks out for the most vulnerable Americans. You know – like it says in the Constitution – “promote the general welfare”.

  13. thatfightdude Says:

    55k a month!!! It aint hard to tell what do do

    pay someone half that and shes gone forever,problem solved!

  14. triggb71 Says:

    Wow this is the man!! He speaks my mind!!

  15. triggb71 Says:

    Nas had a golden opportunity to make history by pushing this issue all the way to the Supreme Court. The problem may of been that he didn’t have the resources nor the desire to take on such a grueling fight. Still, he could’ve made history here. Men get screwed like this all the time, even though Nas’ case is one of the most outrageously high support orders that I’ve ever heard of for his income.

  16. deathrightknight Says:

    Now I can see how there are so many moronic people out there, you’re all sitting back listening to these children. Seriously, what he has or doesn’t have to pay has what to do with any of us? We know nothing about what has happened between them. The only thoughts that should be provoked about either of them should be about their music. PS stop giving these idiots air time.

  17. Storyboard912 Says:

    This is a messed up world! Its really crazy when we look at situations such as this one and consider it normal. Our society is based on a system of consumption and materialistic value that has overshadowed common sense on all levels. This is quite sad! I think that any marriage (unless there are kids involved) both parties should leave with nothing. Just shake hands and part ways.

  18. daggakid90 Says:

    44k a month for what? fuck kelis and that judge

  19. YOYOdaMOOSE Says:

    thats so brutal I hope nas has sorted this out he’s notoriously bad with money he’s gona end up living back in queens bridge with cormega wearing his old clothes from the illmatic videos

  20. jerzy862 Says:

    Women are fucking greedy materialistic bitches and whores

  21. jerzy862 Says:

    @YOYOdaMOOSE yea for real im worried about the dude

  22. BREAKTHECODE2222009 Says:

    the more fucked up shit is now it has come out that nas owes the irs 6 million in unpaid taxes. this mans career is officially over. which is the worst shit to happen to hip hop since soulja boy. nas is my favorite mc… but god damn is he fucked up now or what.

  23. bxjam85 Says:

    @Cenk Uygur The men’s movement is simply saying that women are using their victim status to take advantage of men. It’s not about men being victims. It’s about women and society going out of their way to portray women as the victims and men as the culprits. It’s about unjustified double standards in cases of physical abuse. It’s about the acute awareness of misogyny and acute unawareness of misandry. It’s about female favoritism everywhere from our schools and to our courtrooms.

  24. bxjam85 Says:

    Why should the father have to pay for anything other than the child’s essential needs? The lifestyle argument is bullshit! The parents should decide what kind of lifestyle they want the children to have, not the courts! This is fucking extortion!

  25. icomewithfries Says:

    What child NEEDS $44,000 a month? I thought that child support was meant to support the child, not spoil him.