My Own Divorce Story: Turning Lemons into Lemonade

On reflection, I can say with humility – and no small amount of amazement – that my divorce has affected not just my life, but millions of lives for the better, because it gave birth to Divorce Magazine and

But I can only say this with the benefit of hindsight. Sixteen years ago when I separated, things were pretty rough. I was confused, scared, hurt, and the last thing on my mind was to publish a magazine on divorce. Frankly, like most divorcing people, my goal was one thing: survival, day by day.

When my ex-wife said “I want a divorce,” I was in total shock. I actually didn’t believe it at first. I thought she would change her mind. But, in a fog of disbelief, I moved out of our home, which meant leaving behind my 4 and 9-year old boys.

The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride Begins

The first thing I experienced was just how much I missed having my family in my life. Coming home at the end of the day to “nobody” was very hard to get used to. It was extremely difficult to deal with the fact that I was only able to see our kids every other weekend. Like most of you, I was lost, disappointed, and emotional. But most of all, I was confused. I needed information that would help me make it through my divorce process, help me deal with my emotions, my sense of loss, the financial stress, and most importantly support me in being a father to our growing boys. I was determined to remain a good father and figured the best way to accomplish that was to have a peaceful divorce.

But 16 years ago, there was very little information on the subject of divorce, never mind quality information. There were no books on divorce, and definitely no magazines on this subject. And, the internet was at its infancy.

The Idea that Changed Everything

However, in the midst of that emotional turmoil and confusion, I had an idea that would change my life – and the lives of millions – forever: since I had been a publisher for most of my career, why couldn’t I provide divorcing people with information, support, resources and tools to make their experience more humane, compassionate, informed and peaceful?

I thought about that idea day and night. And with the encouragement of my then-girlfriend and now wife of 13 years, Divorce Magazine and was born.

That was in 1996 – nearly 15 years ago. Since then, we’ve printed over 4 million copies of Divorce Magazine, and welcomed over 10 million visits to
But…Would it Work?

Though I can look back now and see how successful my idea was, I’ll admit that back then, I wasn’t so sure. Divorce was something people didn’t “talk about” much. Was the world ready for a publication boldly calling itself “Divorce Magazine”? Were there really many people out there who, just like me, desperately wanted timely and topical information to help survive divorce?

Fortunately, my apprehension was put to rest very quickly. The media fell in love with us, and we received massive amounts of press coverage throughout North America. The media delighted in discovering that I was the publisher of a magazine called “Wedding Bells”, stories about Divorce Magazine often began with the headline “From Wedding to Divorce.”)

Changing Personal and Professional Lives

However, much more gratifying and humbling than the business success of Divorce Magazine and Divorce, has been the incredible feedback we’ve received from divorcing people. We’ve heard from countless people from all over the world, and from all walks of life, who have told us that Divorce Magazine has helped them “change their life for the better.” I have to attribute my peaceful divore and post-divorce life to having read all the articles in Divorce Magazine.

Divorce, 16 Years Later

Going back to my personal divorce story (although as you see, my divorce story and the story about Divorce Magazine are really inter-twined), I’m very happy to say that my divorce was amicable, and our two sons – now 25 and 20 – are well-adjusted young men who weren’t caught in the “divorce crossfire” between two fighting parents. They have a healthy relationship with their mother, my wife and I.

I remarried 13 years ago. My wife is also my business partner. Both my wife and I are on good terms with my ex-wife and her new husband. It wasn’t easy creating this kind of healthy and humane after-divorce relationship with my ex, but it was well worth the effort, and I know that we’re both better people for our commitment, hard work, and understanding.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

As you can see, my divorce story has taken some twists and turns. If I were to sum everything up with one statement, I would recall what my mother said to me a few years after my divorce: “Son, you have turned lemons into lemonade.”

For all of you who are going through a divorce, I hope you will strive for a peaceful divorce and know that you can create a new fulfilling life starting now.

Dan Couvrette is the staff writer of Divorce Mag and which offers information on Divorce, Divorce law, divorce lawyer.divorce information divorce advice, Divorce Insurance
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