moms and kids commonly treated like crap after adoption

Despite all the talk in recent years on television about open adoptions and being grateful to mothers for the beautiful gift of life– in reality not much has changed. Open adoption agreements are completely unenforceable legally thanks to laws that were cleverly crafted by adoption attorneys. Parents that give up their children are still seen as irresponsible and the children are still viewed as “lucky that someone wanted them,” and treated as outcasts by adoptive parents that see themselves as being from a better gene pool than the child. The ultimate point here is that if you are considering giving up your child for adoption you should know that like abortion, adoption is not an easy remedy for the situation of an unplanned pregnancy. There is no easy remedy for that situation. Overwhelmingly most people that are able to care for their child and don’t end up regretting it forever–particularly 10 years later when they’ve matured and end up being more responsible than the people they gave the kid to. If you are an out of control drug addict, alcoholic, or mental patient and you feel that you cannot recover and be of service to the child, and or you are a danger to the child in any way– you should do the responsible thing and ask for help. That can include asking family, friends, and even going with an adoption. However, if you are really just looking for an easier way out be forwarned: Just like with abortion many people have turned to adoption for an easy way out, and

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22 Responses to “moms and kids commonly treated like crap after adoption”

  1. CPSSucks Says:

    Excellent. This is so important as the adoption agencies and CPS are busy spreading their lies and propaganda. The bond between parent and child is SACRED. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD.

  2. CPSSucks Says:

    Thank you for this video, and thank you to all the women in this video. You have done a wonderful thing by speaking out.

  3. cusanusnicolas Says:


  4. 11Justice Says:

    Excellent for speaking out. Keeping children from their loved ones is nothing but inhumane.

  5. lonewolf1264 Says:

    TheseCPS workers are demonicly inspired,pray,pray,pray!!God hates this crap!!

  6. lonewolf1264 Says:

    I have seen foster homes that are very abusive,at one where they they adopted 2 fetal alcoh syndrome kids.The blood big brother was sexually molesting the 8 year old adopted boy,got caught but cps left the kids there!Ya, think twice before giving up your child!!to these animals!!!

  7. floydgirl7 Says:

    lonewolf,,couldnt have said it better myself m8,,its evil how they destroy familys jerks

  8. joe80dman Says:

    We can all witness the pain these mothers have endured. The one mother was coerced into relinquishing her parental rights, and her regret for doing so is all too obvious. I would suggest to any mother, or parent in general, to obtain a Restraining Order against CPS, or any other adoption agency, when harassed to surrender their child. The pain in their faces should teach everyone not to follow their mistakes.

  9. t4705mb6 Says:

    Men, loving, caring and giving dads, lose their children too. This is not just a womans issue. I know. It happened to me.

  10. Bizziboy Says:

    Same here.

  11. Psalm127v3 Says:

    me too!

  12. nationawakening Says:

    ya but men are literally forced into it women almost never take the blame for their actions these women were given an option thats their fault they lost children no one elses. men are also forced to work and forced to hand their earnings over for their children with no guarantee of ever being a part of their life for no reason other than having a dork

  13. t4705mb6 Says:

    The “court” took my kids. The judge said (in 5 minutes) “All I know is the calf goes with the heffer!” BANG!! The gavel went down and I lost my 2 kids, all my savings, the home I built from scratch, the NEW car, all the furniture & my credit cards – EVERYTHING I had worked for.
    All this happened because my STUPID wife was having sex with my daughters friends 17 year old brother who moved into MY house after I was FORCED out.
    When she died from asthma the court put my kids in foster care!!!

  14. 11Justice Says:

    Mom, Dads, Grandads, Grandmums, aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends … All loosing out on watching these children grow and develop in life. Its a crime. And the powers that be, don’t give a shit because they know best. After all they are supreme we are the degenerates, project – project … ill thoughts, creating ill society… There is nothing more important then keeping love in the home. And the government has no right to dictate what they think best.

  15. OlsenMania Says:

    Well my cousin is 37 and her mother couldn’t take care of her which is why we got her. She’s happy and never once did my mom and them treat her bad as a kid…these people just had a bad experience. She’s happy and when she found out she was adopted she didn’t really care, her real mom dosen’t want to see her so she dropped it. I’m going to adopt but some men are sad but oh well don’t lay down until you’re married and both are sure whta you want to do…there are too many mistakes in teh world

  16. nounethicaladoptions Says:

    Maybe you just had a good experience, there is no way of knowing since there are no statistics kept on adoption and it is a multi-billion dollar unregulated industry. If you are referring to children as “mistakes in the world” maybe it wasn’t as positive as you thought it was for all involved. Most people would chose not to refer to their children that way.

  17. ANGELOF69 Says:

    my daughter was adopted out in pa behind my back i never signed nothing
    shes now 19 only contacted me gether dads pics etc acts like i don,t exist

  18. lglov Says:

    All attempts should be made to keep mothers and their children together, unfortunately the adoption business tries to separate them via coercion, harassment and legalized kidnapping in order to profit off the sale of their children.

    Aps need to get a grip on their infertility and stop participating in the victimization of vulnerable girls & women just to get their hands on another woman’s baby.

  19. JohnWesleyMethodist Says:

    I agree with this statement. Adoption is not God’s will. Christians everywhere are so clueless on this issue that they think they are doing a good service and they aren’t. If Christians want to do good they ought to help keep mom and baby together.

  20. Reinpret Says:

    i had no idea this existed.. this is shocking. totally unacceptable.

  21. fairlightdawn112 Says:

    Thank you so much for exposing this. I’ve known about this for years ! I was adopted and it was quite horrible. I found my real (not birth) parents when I was 16 yrs. old. I found out that they had been lied to by the adoption agency and the agency had lied to me as well, for reasons I don’t understand. People don’t realize what a rackett the adoption business really is.

  22. 97karenlacey Says:

    I always felt that adoption agency are rogue agencies with little oversight,who use young women like baby machines.