Missouri Courts Motivated By Adoption Bonuses & Rewards to Terminate Parental Rights

See Petition www.thepetitionsite.com State of Missouri Leaves out the Timeline to the case that shows how they set the child up for adoption by using their own first hand knowledge. State officials on the case, left out information in order to obtain an unlawful termination. Time line shows their knowledge of their own actions and predated intentions to procure an unlawful adoption. Timeline was never allowed or used during court procedures that would show the judges deliberate ignorance and intentions to hide their own acts of child endangerment and fraud to obtain an unlawful adoption. Courts Rule on Parental Bonding To Separate Mother& Daughter while collecting federal funds, bonuses and rewards. Missouri state officials have taken the right to claim that a parent or child has no bond between them in order to establish a termination of parental rights act of law. See petition, Child Abduction By The State www.thepetitionsite.com What Would Our Lifes Be Like Today, If We Could Have Been Together?www.thepetitionsite.com The state of Missouri makes devastating rulings based on parental bonding, while collecting their bonuses and rewards for children. Missouri state policians continue to ignore allow for the family courts to take authority over parental bonding giving them the right to create and make false claims regarding a parental bonds worth in order to terminate parental rights in the state of Missouri.

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25 Responses to “Missouri Courts Motivated By Adoption Bonuses & Rewards to Terminate Parental Rights”

  1. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    I am sure that any representation that is sought will observe the imperfection of the structure of language used, after all the law is well versed in manipulating the written word, that it can even deceive its own intentions thus confusing others as to what its meaning really is.

    The law itself being wrapped in literary overtures, well intentioned to hide the ideas it itself promotes.

    Fortunately, we ourselves, merely need rudimentary understanding of language, to convey that help is needed

  2. mothersforjusticeAU Says:

    great vids,the memories will never go and she knows the truth that of what has been done or she will,at 13 years here they can choose even younger as long as they run away I have told my son when he is ready to come home and to notbeafraid of them as they cannot stop him even though he is only 9 yrs my daughter 5 yrs xx

  3. Lanesteepee Says:

    Isn’t she Beautiful*
    Lil fingers..lil toes..
    A Mother Never Forgets*
    Neither does her child*
    A Mother’s Heartbeat*…Lane*

  4. AWTENCHEE Says:


  5. FastMile Says:

    Your daughter is in good hands right now. Don’t break the law.

  6. AWTENCHEE Says:



  7. DisneyMousse Says:

    Shredded you must leave the courts alone and things will take care of themselves. Even if it takes a lifetime.

  8. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    Trouble is DisneyMousse you cannot let corruption remain unchallenged, as then you have only self to blame when it is your grandchildren who get caught up.

    Personally I think Shredded is absolutely right, covering up and pandering to corruption is not the right way to tackle it.

    The court in St Louis in this case is SERIOUSLY corrupt. And that needs to be addressed urgently.

    Would you wait a lifetime if you knew your daughter was undergoing mental and emotional abuse? I very much doubt it.

  9. MarSilF Says:

    You are so pretty in this video:)

    I know i’ve already told you that a million times but it’s a new account so i have to remind you;)

    I miss your old comments on my videos but i still remember some of them hehehe:)


  10. ShreddedSociety Says:

    thank you MarSilF, I will try to remember what they were.

  11. travismommy4ever Says:

    it is on my web site and i forward it to every one i could and i will till they catch me love tina

  12. singledad1234 Says:


  13. catlady4justice Says:

    My HEART Bleeds for you.
    Rage On girlfriend…

  14. Copenhhagen Says:

    Sometimes you just have to let go and start a new life for yourself. Just let this young girl go and start over again I’m sure she is doing well with her foster parent’s you need to move on be a better mother to the kids you have right now or else. From bad things like this good things will happen down the road for you but you must let go right now. Best wishes from Denmark.

  15. Copenhhagen Says:

    One of my friends in the U.S. lost a son to her Ex and what she did is went to an orphanage in Russia and adopted one of many unwanted kids in the ex Soviet Union, and now she is as happy as can be.

  16. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    I am sure you would find great happiness, if you just could find a brain and could read,

    then you might just realise thatr this is not about a Russian orphanager, and indeed does not have asnything to do with one.

    Geez the intelligence is sinking rapidly around here.

  17. Sliepnir2006 Says:


    sing a song of sixpence, go and buy some sense,
    You can get it from the cornershop
    It will make you feel less dense
    When you have gone and bought some
    Eat it up real quick
    Then maybe that single braincell
    will think less like a brick.

  18. Westmoreland3 Says:

    I just happened to bump in here by accident i have also seen your other vid’s my granddaddy who was a veteran of ww2 always told us to never give up no matter what. But in this case/your case it sure seems to be a lost cause/no win situation. Time to hang up those boot straps.

  19. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    Hang up the bootstarps, I havent really started yet!

    This playground has to see a lot more yet and there is a lot more to come, giving up is for the weak, perserverance is for the strong (=.=)

  20. not4playn Says:

    CPS does not unfortunately protect Children. CPS wastes most of its time and budget prognosticating false criteria to needlessly entrap children within its broken system. They are maleficent in their observations and reports and are intent only upon the demonization of the childs parent or parents. This current faulty status quo directly contributes to the prevalent eighty percent failure rates of children by child welfare services today. O:-)

  21. ShreddedSociety Says:

    They use their federally funded programs to stall for time, not to reunite, as I can prove in my case, thats all they used the federally funded programs for was to set us up to use to stall for time, playing court crooked games with me and my child while moving towards adoption.

  22. Superlibertytv Says:

    I get sick when I read some of these people’s posts about giving up and forgetting about your daughter… what sick asses say that kind of crap. Obviously they have never had kids of their own, or they just don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. If I was the little girl, I would hope my mother would fight for me and not abondon me and move on… you guys are sick F*!#s and need to have your heads checked. In America we never leave anyone behind, no matter what.

  23. maryteddybear Says:

    never stop fighting now matter how long it takes..some people think thats its that easy just give up move on. my kids were taken 3 years ago and i am still fighting for them .. i have had people say well just have more kids . that wont replace my 3 that i have lost

  24. Sliepnir2006 Says:

    This is a family torn apart by a corrupt vile and malicious court in Missouri, the judges were nothing more than sewer rats, as for the attorney acting against her Margaret Donnelly was nothing more than a twisted cockroach, a liar and a child stealer.

    The whole case was a complete fabrication undertaken by Missouri CPS.

    Margaret Donnelly, Judge Melvynn Weissman and Judge Carolyn Whittington you are the scum of the earth, face me publicly you vile, deceitful, wicked child stealing monsters.

  25. ToniMaples Says:

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