Marriage Debates: Studies of Gay and Lesbian Parents

Series of debates on extending marriage and adoption to same-sex couples co-sponsored by The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, Brigham Young University, and the UCLA Interdisciplinary Relationship Science Program. This installment of the series focuses on studies of gay and lesbian parents. Series: “Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, The” [8/2006] [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 11912]

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25 Responses to “Marriage Debates: Studies of Gay and Lesbian Parents”

  1. yessson8 Says:

    Just because you know how to operate a turkey baster does NOT make you a parent and it certainly does not make your baster spawn a family

  2. Kahlilia2023 Says:


    Dude what the hell is wrong with you? It’s doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not. He’s fake, not real, and will never be real.

  3. YieldmanLUVSyou Says:

    To Otalove:
    Just an observation:

    It’s hard for unplanned children to happen to homosexuals, isn’t it? I mean, I’ve never heard of a guy getting a guy pregnant, or a girl getting a girl pregnant. And, yes, a lot of sleeping around with no self control will end up in unwanted pregnancies and other issues. However, of course all the unplanned stuff will happen to Heterosexuals…Unless the stork drops off babies at unsuspecting homosexual households.

  4. YieldmanLUVSyou Says:

    To Otalove, again:

    I’m not trying to bash you at all. Please don’t take my comment the wrong way. I think it’s sad that so many people are just throwing themselves around, sexually, without consideration of the possability of a child resulting. I think gays and lesbians are capable of being loving parents, just like everyone else. Even though, I will admit, I don’t agree with homosexuality. Still, homosexuals should not be treated like savages. People are people, and that’s that.

  5. YieldmanLUVSyou Says:

    Maturity would be appreciated here, even if you don’t agree with what’s going on. I don’t agree with homosexuality, but I certainly don’t treat them any less than HUMAN!

  6. otalove Says:

    And your point is?

  7. YieldmanLUVSyou Says:

    To Otalove:
    My point was that your comment about heterosexuals having more unplanned children is obvious, since two people of the same gender cannot create a child. That would be like me saying guys don’t get pregnant as often as girls, so girls have more unprotected sex. That isn’t true. If it was, that wouldn’t be the right way to determine which gender has more unprotected sex. 🙂

  8. otalove Says:

    My point is not about unprotected sex, its about the result of children conceieved by heterosexuals who end up as ophans and adoption agencies. Homosexuals can help with that problem by adopting. If you don’t get the point now, ur just a dumbass who probably never got adopted!

  9. YieldmanLUVSyou Says:

    I see your point, so I guess I’m not a dumbass. But, feel free to keep calling me that if it helps you blow some steam. I hope you don’t act that way in front of your kids. Notice I never put you down in my comments, yet you felt the need to be insulting to me? 🙂

  10. YieldmanLUVSyou Says:

    I knew your point was not about unprotected sex; I was using that as an analogy to what you said in an earlier comment, sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. 🙂

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  16. rainbowheartgirl Says:

    My story is also similar to yours and Punky’s. I was raised by two gay dads. My biological dad came out when I was 3, and he and my second dad raised me and my brothers. I’m very happy that he had the courage to live a true and authentic life.

  17. rainbowheartgirl Says:

    Me, three! You might be interested in checking out my channel. It’s pretty much dedicated to the experiences of people with LGBT parents.

  18. rainbowheartgirl Says:

    Yes, that is so offensive! How dare you tell someone that their family is not a family? A family created by donor insemination is just as much a family as any other. My brothers and I have two dads. They are both our legal fathers, and we are certainly a family. A pretty normal, regular family to boot! There’s nothing different about us.

  19. ljanezx Says:

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  20. NinjaVidDude Says:

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  23. Brockrock72 Says:

    There is certainly something different about you and your brother’s family. You have two fathers. That is different from the norm. I am not saying it is bad, I have no experience in this situation. To say that you aren’t different is ignorant. To try and fit in with modern society, while being different, is just as ignorant and misguided as the people you believe to be offensive.

  24. rainbowheartgirl Says:

    Brock, it’s different in that sense, sure. Not all families are identical. For example, if you have parents of different races, that makes your family in the minority and different from the norm. But I don’t think that means we’re different in terms of behavior or different in an inferior way. I mean, I guess we’re less prejudiced. That’s probably one real difference. Kids of gay parents are not likely to be homophobic at all. And I don’t think that’s bad, but I bet conservatives would disagree.

  25. EternallyRecurring Says:

    I’m different, I have a Mom and a Dad and a brother. If only I had a normal family, Mom, Dad and 2.4 children.