Marriage Debates: Same-Sex Couple Data

Series of debates on extending marriage and adoption to same-sex couples co-sponsored by The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, Brigham Young University, and the UCLA Interdisciplinary Relationship Science Program. This debate focuses on same-sex couple data. Series: “Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, The” [8/2006] [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 11910]

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13 Responses to “Marriage Debates: Same-Sex Couple Data”

  1. Maevemcfaddenrosie Says:

    Right and you shouldn’t go against the word of God.

  2. fhhd Says:

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  3. desuiseiseki Says:

    Hey, moron, the “word of God” isn’t enough basis to make a law.

  4. wedbest Says:

    Fuck America, they are doomed, tot they said In God we TRUST? All you mtfking Gay and Lesbians your place is hell. Anyway illiterates are better than you you Governor’s, Mayors, Jury, And Bush.

  5. thursdaysrecords Says:

    Fundamental Christians are creating crosses for the heck of it. There is no need for, nor any purpose in the torment poured out on gays. It is unkind, unfair and cruel.

    To hate someone so much to make that person feel ashamed and inferior with no purpose other than to inflict pain is wrong.

    The anti-gay campaign is losing popularity. Just like segregation lost favor and has become disgusting, so is the current anti-gay propaganda. If you’re defending the evil of faith-based hate, repent!

  6. Kiora33210 Says:


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  7. Alisha3214uy Says:


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  8. Fidollayoubuy Says:

    I speak for all Christians on this matter for I am a Houston pastor. Being gay is a choice, a sin, and is killing our youth just like MARIJUANA. We all know that gay people are just demons disguised as humans. They are trying to teach our kids to be gay so they have more asses to fuck. They also want our kids to smoke marijuana so they will kill their parents and rape their teachers. Being gay is a crime against humanity because they only bang asses. To all Christians, just say no to being gay.

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  10. Timothy1075 Says:

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  12. swithincharottesburg Says:

    @desuiseiseki “Amen” to that!!

  13. SheedaWood Says:

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