Making Your Marriage Go When Your Spouse Says Stop

If your spouse told you all of a sudden that you were no longer the object of their affection and wanted a divorce, how would you feel? Even if you were aware that there were rifts in your relationship, you may not have realized that things were quite at this point. You would likely want things to go back to the way they were in the beginning and try to restore your marriage. If you are the only one working to try to save your marriage, then how are you supposed to get your partner on board?

The biggest mistake you can make is trying too hard. You won’t endear yourself much to your spouse if you constantly try to make your spouse feel guilty or appear that you’re hopeless. Instead, back off and give him some breathing room. This will give him a chance to think things over without feeling that he’s being pressured. It will also make him stop and wonder if you, too, have given up on the relationship. Hopefully, he’ll change his own mind once he has had enough time to think about things properly. You may find it very hard to do nothing, but that’s exactly what you should do.

If you take time off yourself, then you’ll be able to calm down too since it’s much better to operate with a clear mind. You will have a hard time having a productive conversation if you don’t go into it with a relatively clear head. Pleading and begging for your spouse back is a huge mistake. Lay out logical reasons as to why you feel that your marriage is worth saving. Don’t let your spouse irritate you to the point of anger or goad you into saying things you don’t want to say. Instead of arguing with your spouse, simply leave the room and come back later to finish the conversation.

Hopefully you can remember back to the days when you first started dating your spouse. Think about the little things that you did to get his affection. How did you dress and act? Have you changed a lot since those days? Becoming that person again is a good idea. You should try to dress well although you certainly don’t have to bring out the old clothes that you used to wear. Show him once again what a great human being you are, and help him realize how lucky he is to have you. Avoid thinking about this unfortunate situation as being the end of your lives together. Think of it as a great chance to transform your relationship into something even better than it’s ever been. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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