Lullaby( The Divorce Song)- Stephen Lynch

Lullaby(The Divorce Song) performed by Stephen Lynch

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25 Responses to “Lullaby( The Divorce Song)- Stephen Lynch”

  1. witnessedmurder Says:

    Aha. Wow, this is great. XD

  2. jamiesw93 Says:


  3. Warlock2019 Says:

    @karpman18 …we think you should say, sex that involves mommy’s EAR…. wait a minute, thats even more deviant then rear… it is? NO IT IS! Forget we said anything!

    F*$& you censors!

  4. Feathertail7 Says:

    This song makes me smile every time

  5. mutedisciple Says:

    heh, bring home a new mommy…

  6. 123roadblock456 Says:

    some one call dss or not


  7. noesabie Says:

    jammer van het zwarte beeld:S

  8. mssmokey1202 Says:

    lol this is kinda funny lol $10 whores

  9. mssmokey1202 Says:

    its so d lol

  10. noahfisheriscool Says:

    هذه الأغنية هو سخيف مضحك الخراء

  11. HuskyHybrid Says:

    Lmfao… Ahh, what a sweet lullaby.

  12. 3balloonedcourier Says:

    Stephen Lynch live is truly amazing.
    I saw him in Birmingham , England this month on his 3 balloon tour
    If you get a chance and you like this close-to -the-bone humour it’s a must.

  13. IKillBabyKittensLOL Says:

    Lynch is like lady gaga.
    He is either Dumb as pig shit or he is pure genius.

  14. twopintsdave Says:

    Lynch is Grade ‘A’ genius.

  15. Pretoryan90 Says:

    He is never dumb… dont insult him , or compare to that freak…

  16. brianbrown3078 Says:

    $2 whores are way funner though.

  17. 13MoOoN13 Says:

    LooL this guy iz awesome !!

  18. Warrloker Says:

    Ending was epic.

  19. jordanE012 Says:

    haha funny

  20. tankhappy Says:

    because its probbaly the same kid from the uglg baby song lol

  21. 009esan Says:

    “don’t mind the somke, daddy just wants to forget….(puff) tonight…..” great song!!!!!!

  22. srock2626 Says:

    @some1call999ImDying well being the duater (cant spell) of steven lynch i wondent want her around me lol

  23. iamherehello Says:

    @some1call999ImDying im pretty sure its all made up

  24. iamherehello Says:

    @brianbrown3078 u would know…

  25. iamherehello Says:

    if u like this u shud hear “superhero”