liz phair – Liz Phair Divorce Song – Exile In Guyville

Loggins_and_Messina liz phair – Liz Phair Divorce Song – Exile In Guyville

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15 Responses to “liz phair – Liz Phair Divorce Song – Exile In Guyville”

  1. cuddlekitten29 Says:

    I used to listen to this song in high school…….2 divorces later I really understand it:)

  2. cosmicasgard Says:

    me too. I listened to it in high school, and I’m on 2nd divorce.

  3. qbert555 Says:

    That’s where the lighter went!

  4. williamfcook Says:

    I cry whenever I hear this song

  5. klink2u Says:

    hold it in….

  6. kozalmighty Says:

    @williamfcook me too

  7. AlanTheTerrible Says:

    I got this song on a mix~tape from my girlfriend back in the early ’90s. We broke up not long after. I was that guy! I wish my ex the best in life now and I’m sorry for how I was.

    Funny how life takes longer than you can imagine to take place. I guess that’s because we live in a linear world. Hindsight 20/20 she really wasn’t that bad, in fact she was out of my league! I doubt I’ll ever see her again, but I hope she found the right mate.

  8. Staggerbaroque Says:

    Wonderful opening couplet. It says it all.

  9. MrHavok29 Says:

    Damn Liz is good!

  10. vacantgreen Says:

    “If you’re tired of looking at my face, I guess I already am.”

  11. spaceorbison Says:

    love this cumdumpster

  12. n0thank7 Says:

    Aw, this really cheered me up. I hardly recognized people could feel this way. It’s personally reassuring to know some do.

  13. CxzdseBvgft Says:

    Come baby Russian ladies ** **

  14. JustAnotherHumanKind Says:

    ty ..JAH-K

  15. arieperinobng Says:

    My sister want to marry someone