Kalki talks in NDTV Hindu Night Vision about matrimonial rights for transsexual people – 28/08/2009

In this Night Vision programme on NDTV Hindu, Transgender rights activist Kalki talks about her first-of-its-kind matromonial website project for transsexual women. She speaks on transsexual people’s marital and adoption rights, exploitations by men, and what the law should do.

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12 Responses to “Kalki talks in NDTV Hindu Night Vision about matrimonial rights for transsexual people – 28/08/2009”

  1. IsThisMy1ife Says:

    Bravo, great video…

  2. TT1478 Says:

    she better work it out.

  3. lindaofsaratoga Says:

    She makes too much about “straight” transexual women to the detriment of the transexual women who are still interested in women. There shouldn’t be rights for one way of being against the the other, imho.

  4. Susan41 Says:

    I love transgendered women in a sari

  5. tulasiprasad79 Says:

    she looks very beautiful in sarees

  6. meglam2007 Says:

    I would like to correct a few misconceptions conveyed in this video by Kalki. Most transsexual women are not trying to fall into love with women. Someone is considered transsexual if they have distress with their own gender identity, also called gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder, to the extent that they need surgery. The “sexual” in “transsexual” does not have anything to do with sexual orientation.

  7. meglam2007 Says:

    If you claim that you underwent gender transition because you are sexually interested in men, then you have got it all wrong. If you were just interested in sex with men, you can have sex as a man too – you would just be a homosexual man, and there is nothing wrong with that. You should not change your gender for that. You should undergo gender transition if and only if you have significant gender dysphoria, ie. distress with gender characteristics of your own body.

  8. meglam2007 Says:

    That being said, I admire Kalki’s courage and determination to not only being herself but also be an activist.

  9. happyguy100100 Says:

    Wow…Kalki is so gracefullllll….gooooooooo kalki….you ROCK!..

  10. happyguy100100 Says:

    Yes….I agree, there was a misconception stated by Kalki here, namely: Not all transexual women are ofcourse, “straight”….but I couldn’t care less, because atleast it’ll make it easier for the ignorant majority of the public to understand or as she said, generate that “spark”, that awareness….
    Its high time people start realising that we are all different….no one is born the same…Yes, anatomically, we might share the same, but at heart and soul, we are ALL blessed differently….

  11. happyguy100100 Says:

    I hope the day will come where we have transgendered news anchors, reporters, teachers or doctors and people wont say anything about it, at ease and comfortable…..EDUCATED ABOUT THIS ISSUE..
    We need more individuals like Kalki……

  12. MrSelva3071 Says:

    kalki great