Judge Rules On Hateful Divorce

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25 Responses to “Judge Rules On Hateful Divorce”

  1. phoboskitty Says:

    @caseyvill well yes you were but it was not clear as you were suggesting I take a critical thinking course, although i now know you had intended that comment for paradox… it was confusing to say the least…

  2. HoneyIEducatedTheWeb Says:



    Fuck prejudice against men.

  3. HoneyIEducatedTheWeb Says:


    It does not change the fact that the woman won. AGAIN

  4. im1shak1biotches Says:

    Actually the judge didn’t do anything as a strike-back to the father… the dad won here. He doesn’t have custody of a child who hates him, so he doesn’t have to put up w/ her BS… then, he only has to pay 1$ a month in support? How is that not win win for him? I see no downside for the dad.. am I the only one? The dad should have got full custody and the mom should pay big money monthly… that’s how they both lose (the wife loses a lot more [kid and money] b/c she tried to run the dad over!).

  5. XsteeleXx Says:

    @im1shak1biotches yeah i think he dodged a bullet

  6. shunnthenonbeliever Says:

    nearly 1/3 of this video is advertisements. this is getting ridiculous

  7. Noraa666 Says:

    @sival Lol amen! Such a double standard. She tries to kill him and he gives her the bird. So she gets the kid.

    Ya seems even to me!

  8. ooMONKEYoo Says:

    @im1shak1biotches You’re not the only one.

  9. JTlovesDexter Says:

    $1 a month for child support isn’t hurting the mother one bit – it’s taking away from the child. Boo to the judge for this terrible decision.

  10. yuukisama2001 Says:

    DAMN!! I’m curious to know what their life was like before their marriage.

  11. psychokillercrab Says:

    they deserve each other. i think the ultimate punishment would NOT decree a divorce 🙂

  12. SomethinDwnUrPantss Says:

    i wonder if the judges head popped on and off when he was talking and he made fart jokes 😛

  13. SomethinDwnUrPantss Says:

    @shunnthenonbeliever then just skip it. be happy its not one of those other crappy ads.

  14. LordoftheJamesClan Says:

    so pretty much the guy only has to pay no more than i would say 48$

  15. Pelonetillo Says:

    this is not a fair ruling because if the man wanted custody, he will likely give more than the mandatory $1 per month for his daughter’s sake. a mockery of the legal system.

  16. LakaiTillYouDie Says:

    @sival yea but what if its exaggerated. it could have been a weak attempt.

  17. VapaRiza Says:

    @caseyvill didnt say it was true search for you cant say cunt in canada

  18. VapaRiza Says:

    @RomeoCo search for you cant say cunt in canada by kevin wilson

  19. MonkeyScout Says:

    @Finiras If she’s a better parent than the father, than yeah, sure. Personally I would check if some other family member besides the parents can step in.

  20. caseyvill Says:

    @VapaRiza Lol thats an awesome song
    mention its a song next time
    Like “I hate winnipeg”
    if you dont put the quotes i would get pissed

  21. MomSaysImCool Says:

    Vive le Canada! Where le justice is delivered mon esti.

  22. niemanickurwa Says:

    @Pelonetillo Think you missed the point.

  23. eldogg4life Says:

    No kid, no child support and the chance to get a laid again… DAD WIN!!!

  24. Pelonetillo Says:

    what was it

  25. BorgKing001 Says:

    IDK i really hate my fucking EX