Judge Rules Against Florida Gay Adoption Ban

Florida’s strict law banning adoption of children by gay people was found unconstitutional Tuesday by a state judge who declared there was no legal or scientific reason for sexual orientation alone to prohibit anyone from adopting. (Nov. 25)

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25 Responses to “Judge Rules Against Florida Gay Adoption Ban”

  1. rainbowheartgirl Says:

    Thing, maybe you should take a course in human sexuality. I don’t think any scientists would agree with you.

  2. 1tymthing Says:

    Why would I take a course in human sexuality, so someone can teach me nonsense?
    If being gay becomes glamourized, I’m sure that many people will choose that path regardless of feelings of attraction, which I believe some people are doing right now (they’re not born gay, but use that as an excuse)

  3. rainbowheartgirl Says:

    Thing, well, like I said, I think you are woefully misinformed. I grew up in a gay household with gay parents and plenty of gay role models. Yet, my brothers and I are all straight. Your sexual orientation is simply the way you are “wired.” Your family has nothing to do with it. You’re either attracted to the same sex or you’re not. No one can change the way your brain works.

  4. ksz1104 Says:

    if you think that two straight parents can give a child what homosexual parents can…do you know how many of the children in the child welfare system have been abused by straight parents..about 99.9%. I know, I work with them everyday. Being straight does not make you a good parent.

  5. nxtITPRO Says:

    Where are your statistics coming from? 99.9%? Are you serious? You are making up statistics without giving any source…very interesting.

  6. originalperloocko Says:

    Hallelujah! Got must be enjoying these news because God is love and this is when Love wins. I like this video but i even more like the discussion below. You rock rainbowheartgirl! I think you bigot “church people” will go to hell for your hatred. You guys don’t have a clue….

  7. someguyyt Says:


  8. deeter131 Says:

    so you are saying that if gay became glamorous then YOU would suddenly turn gay too?…wow..good to know. welcome out of your closet.
    seems to me that since STRAIGHT has been glamorized for thousands of years then all people would be straight right?…ooops guess your little theory has a hole in it…LIKE your ass..which I am sure you will be using very soon since GAY IS ALREADY GLAMOROUS…
    kind of ironic that you thing GOD hates gay marriage since he made gays the best wedding planners..LOL

  9. 1tymthing Says:

    by the way being gay wont be glamorous to me! but it is ‘glamorized’
    hetrosexuality is still by far more popular than homosexuality (& its the only way a person can reproduce)
    & your joke isn’t true either; ‘best wedding planners’ depending on what you like

  10. deeter131 Says:

    I dont know what world you live in but not only can gay people have babies rendering straight people non essential…sex does not even have to be involved at all..ever hear of test tube babies?..LOL..wow..and a gay man can get a gay woman pregnant without sex at all…so truly…straight people are not needed AT ALL!!!

  11. deeter131 Says:

    and I guess you are right about gay wedding planners being a matter of taste..but as for me I would rather a gay guy plan it and have it be special than have a straight person plan it and have it consist of a wedding with blue jeans and tee shirts, and for dinner would be beer and chicken wings, and the ceremony would be at a bowling alley…have fun with THAT!…LOL

  12. snowfallzz Says:

    99.9%? huh. I know for a fact that the state has a way of taking children away from parents who have a pot habit, or at least don’t believe in giving it up just because it’s illegal like sodomy is in many states. but then again, whoever said that just because something’s illegal that the court never looked the other way when it served it’s own political correctness? I’ve seen the light of day when it comes to kids being taken, why is it that almost of the parents WANT THEIR KIDS BACK? CPS sucks

  13. BritishBeliever Says:

    Gay basterd

  14. originalperloocko Says:

    Ha ha ha haaaa! You made me laugh out loudly! I’m straight. But seriously, it doesn’t matter at all. Your comment just shows how narrow minded you are. I don’t have to be gay or lesbian to support gay and lesbian rights. They have the same ones just like any other person. There is no difference. If there is any difference, then it’s between people who support these rights and those who try to deny them. Apparently me and you are sorted….

  15. TheMetallicSharpie Says:

    What I love how is with every video that even mentions anything about the word gay, there’s a sudden comment war about whether homosexuality is moral/exists/is disgusting/is a myth made up by the liberal agenda. It’s sort of hilarious.

    You guys. Gay exists. There’s a lot of nasty stuff in this world, and you’re ranting about /gays/? C’mon.

  16. myproo Says:

    congradulation to u and ur family I’m so happy for u all Hurray !

  17. blubberman911 Says:

    disgusting.. i think gills lawyer’s a fag too

  18. tbursee Says:

    as well he should . Gay people cannot make their own babies , so they have to recruit. their lifestyle is against nature. If two sperm cannot fertilize one another , neither can two eggs, then why would God put the people that dontated them together?

  19. itsbradie Says:

    🙂 Thank You 🙂

  20. itsbradie Says:

    So, Larry King is getting his 8th divorce, Elizabeth Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time, Jesse James and Tiger Woods are screwing EVERYTHING, yet the idea of same-sex marriage is what is going to destroy the institution of marriage?? REALLY??…

  21. Rituska112 Says:

    tbh there are so many children needing loving homes i’m straight but if i was a child in a care home i wouldn’t care who adopted me aslong as it was a stable home that could care for me and give the attention i needed.. i think people just need to realise kids needs homes and you should be thankfull that adults are willing to look after kids that arn’t thier own. just my 2 cent

  22. AceofDimonds0 Says:


    ok so a homosexual shouldnt be allowed to adopt. and they will stay in that nice “normal” enviorment in the orphanage, or as i like to call it “the children pound”, where their “real” parents have abandoned them.

    now doesnt that seem better than letting a homosexual adopt that child, so it isnt subjected to the love of homosexual parents?

  23. AceofDimonds0 Says:

    i dont think anyone should listen to a religion that condemns the use of condoms and thinks molesting children is A-OK.

  24. tbursee Says:

    @AceofDimonds0 a child being abandoned by their parents , or their parents dying with noother relatives is sad. But that is better then being raised around to homosexuals. You guys cant reproduce, so you recruit. What that does is it builds sympathy and tolerance for your perverted lifestyle. The child accepts it as normal because thats allthey know and they are greatful to have a home.

  25. AceofDimonds0 Says:

    @tbursee a couple decides to adopt a child; giving it love, a warm bed and a cozy home, love, three square meals a day, love, a good education, love, a chance to make friends with local children, love, a good education, love, and all the toys the kid could want.

    but oh no!! the couple is a homosexual couple, therefore they couldnt possibly be good parents and that somehow the child will grow-up “wrong”. dont force the child to grow up in that kind of place.