Judge Kevin M Dougherty’s Illegal Adoption Federal Crime Victims Move on Class Action

docs.google.com This Free Class Action Sign Up Form is about the Philadelphia Family Court DHS Child Support Enforcement Personal Injuries Wrongful Death IRS EIC Adoption Tax Credit Fraud Class Action which enables Federal Crime Victim Families to Shop as a Group for Whistleblower Audit Class Action Law firms seeking indictments, damages, jail time for Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights Felonies Inflicted by criminally behaving court and agency employees who abuse their official positions to inflict felonies upon American working class student and impoverished families. All Complaint and Pleadings will demand return for kidnapped for profit injured children elderly and disabled of all ages to the families who want them. The Pieces of information asked for on this form are useful for administrators of class actions or individual lawsuits in other US Jurisdictions for accounting for the pieces of information that should be verified before presenting to no nonsense litigators and forensics expert witnesses retained by the Group.– DHS FAMILY COURT CHILD SUPPORT SLAUGHTERED FAMILIES SIGN UP PLAINTIFFS LIST SHOP AND RETAIN AS GROUP WHISTLEBLOWER CLASS ACTION LAW FIRMS AUDIT FIRMS PAY FORENSICS EXPERT WITNESSES. DHS FAMILY COURT CHILD SUPPORT SLAUGHTERED FAMILY EDUCATE THROUGH CONVERSATION NOT STREET PROTEST . Plaintiffs in All Related Dockets USDC PaED 209cv04119-MSG Roxanne Grinage, William Brounson, Lorraine Grinage, Ezekiel Zadkiel Brown, Arriyel Roxanne Brown v Fern

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