Jonny Craig – Children of Divorce (Video)

Distributed by WMG Children of Divorce (Video)

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25 Responses to “Jonny Craig – Children of Divorce (Video)”

  1. ATCMusicka Says:

    @Mrbigboygay My band has played a show with him. Hes really not an ass like everyone says.

  2. lSamithorl Says:

    Amazing voice, Nuff Said.

  3. no1wwefan96 Says:

    this made me cry:(

  4. hellspin Says:

    @ATCMusicka what band r u in?

  5. TheoriginalmsIDGAF Says:

    @Mrbigboygay Never diss the motherfucking mullet!

  6. Laceyisazombie Says:

    35 people are deaf.

  7. mydandan Says:

    ive been to one of his concerts. hes not a very nice person

  8. ThatFilthyChoch Says:

    @taconiel his mullet be gone now holmes. He buzzed his head except for the tail. Still fucking sexy though.

  9. thesir3nsong Says:

    johnny craig is a dirty dirty man

  10. lpfanlord123 Says:

    since when does a hairstyle have anything to do with someones voice? He’s a great singer, hop off.

  11. Anonymmify Says:

    kinda hard to tell what kind of person someone is by meeting them once, don’t you think?

  12. stephaniiriot Says:

    Simply amazing. None better. 🙂 Many as good, but none better!

  13. Sagoru777 Says:

    me and my friend are going to hunt down and brutally sodomize 35 people :DD

  14. moehazen Says:

    obivoulsy 35 people never had a shitty childhood

  15. xxbored2death4xx Says:

    Tony Perry<3

  16. mydandan Says:

    no. i know a few people that have met him plenty of times to know that hes an ass. he has a great voice though.

  17. PainlessForPain Says:

    @moehazen shitty childhood? do you even know what this song is about?

  18. xhxcxgetxdownx Says:

    @moehazen Dude Its About Him Having A Kid Not About A Childhood,Hes Talkin About How His Child Is A Mistake And He Didnt Want It God Seriously.Where Did You Even Get Childhood From?Also Talks About How It Will Never Work Between Them.

  19. lpfanlord123 Says:

    you saw that interview too??

  20. mbriseboislemelin Says:

    @moehazen You’re saying that like it’s bad or something?

  21. brutalASSify Says:

    hey Jonny Craig its called protection lol why didn’t you use it asshole.

  22. imajessachu Says:


    and you call johnny craig the asshole.
    wow, your so small minded.

    so let me rephrase it for you.

    hey brutalASSify,
    it’s a song, it’s meant to relate to people…
    it’s called learn your stuff before you speak


  23. imajessachu Says:

    Jonny Craig is the most beautifully voiced man I have ever heard in my life.
    Every song just gets to me (:

  24. arielsommer91 Says:

    I love Jonny Craig.
    He has one of the best voices I have ever heard.

  25. dollfacewendy Says:

    My favorite song!