Jonny Craig – Children Of Divorce (Live at Chain Reaction) [HD]

ApocoreTV Presents Jonny Craig Live at Chain Reaction “Children Of Divorce” Shot w/ Hpx500

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25 Responses to “Jonny Craig – Children Of Divorce (Live at Chain Reaction) [HD]”

  1. Raigoonffdotnet Says:

    Looks creepy as fuck. Sounds amazing as fuck XD

  2. 911Shred Says:

    haha reminds me of joe dirt


    So, Gingers dont have souls because Jonny has them all.

  4. coltonsprague Says:

    dont get me wrong i love him but peddo muschstach for sure and he looks like je dirt with class lol

  5. HxCandGore Says:

    That master mullet flow, sketchy side burns and porn star mustache are key factors in what makes him Jonny Craig

    That god damn flow…

  6. hardcoredance123 Says:

    @SeanjWalker dude check out tyler carter. HES AMAZING DUDE

  7. SeanjWalker Says:

    @hardcoredance123 will do right now, man

  8. DevinWinishut Says:

    His voice sounds like a mix between Fergie and Jesus Haha

  9. TheOtterfication Says:

    7 people have no soul.

  10. javi20123 Says:

    7 people have no ass holes

  11. masonisscooping Says:

    only man ever to be able to pull off a ginger mullet and tache…..

  12. hairpaysbills Says:

    Jonny doesnt pull off the mullet, the mullet can barely pull of a Jonny:)

  13. Tshegg08 Says:

    @oceancity8324 hahahahaha dude tyler is good…. but he does not shit on jonny. have you heard tyler live? not even close to as crisp as this. i dont even like most of jonny craigs work. but he is so much more talented than you give him credit for

  14. ShuttheDRUMup Says:

    Yes, the man can sing, but the stache HAS to go. The mullet was bad, now he just looks like a hipsterfuck.

  15. OnlyHumanFL Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks he should go on American Idol and make America shit bricks? If he kept the mullet and stash, he’d be the next Susan Boyle.

  16. Jmp680 Says:

    The best ever.. no one else compares. Not Dallas Green Not Anthony Green not Tyler Carter Not Craig Owens Not Vic Fuentes. No one. Just no……

  17. eahs07 Says:

    @Jmp680 i don’t know. dallas, anthony and jonny are tied if you ask me.

  18. XSixClawX Says:

    did he just give the guitarist a peck on the cheek after the song??? 0.0

  19. nannerwebbbzz Says:


  20. 152sith Says:

    7 people were upset that their parants got a divorce

  21. mLuto09 Says:

    you can judge the party of a man by the length of his mullet

  22. adirico93 Says:

    didnt anyone tell him not to point fingers

  23. BNAG1019 Says:

    the only guy with a lighter. shocking.

  24. CVshredder510 Says:

    the fact that you can hear so many people talking amongst themselves in the background makes me mad. Aren’t they being amazed by his voice???

  25. oxxgfxxo Says:


    his pedostache, not him, god damn it, he IS jesus.