EXCLUSIVE BEHIND-THE-SCENES FOOTAGE from the making of the JK Divorce Dance!!! www.indigoprod.com Internet Marketing by http

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25 Responses to “JK Divorce Dance | MAKING OF THE VIRAL VIDEO HIT”

  1. karenganda12 Says:

    ang kulit hahaha

  2. ohbabycarpediem Says:

    of the first two guys that come in with sunglasses on.. who is the second one, with the shinny glasses?

  3. cheetahone Says:

    The second guy with the shinny glasses is actor Tom Zemon. He has been on Law and Order, All My Children, and he has had recurring roles on Guiding Light. By the way, the first guy is Ashley Robinson who is an off broadway actor

  4. ohbabycarpediem Says:

    i really like his haircut, that’s why i ask. how did you find that out?!? he’s not on this interview. thanks bud.

  5. cheetahone Says:

    He is listed in the credits @ 2:47-2:48 on the video. In addition just do a Google picture search on “Tom Zemon actor” and you can pick up a bunch of pictures of him with the same hair style.

  6. danizzsyri Says:


  7. pv3jimenez Says:

    Totally sweet.

  8. TheWinwin77 Says:

    The song is nice,can anybody know what is the song name?

  9. Evilxelf24 Says:

    Forever by Chris Brown
    (the best song everrr)

  10. TheWinwin77 Says:

    Thank you ( ^ ^ )

  11. MandyPSVEindhoven Says:

    Forever from Chris Brown

  12. sk8terboy15711 Says:

    the song is by Chris Brown and the song is called forever!

  13. TheWinwin77 Says:

    Thank you very much, I note… hee hee

  14. jeremygadiano Says:

    forever by chris brown

  15. MrBuTtErMiLkBiScUiT Says:

    forever chris brown

  16. JuanManuelGrijalvo Says:

    Very professional… very funny.

  17. jhoeanneredheart16 Says:

    so entertaining

  18. Superstarseven Says:

    @Evilxelf24 Yeah, right. Have you only listened to one song in your lifetime?

  19. Evilxelf24 Says:

    @Superstarseven Of Course! Because I’m that sad little nerd sit in a chair all day listening to this one song over and over again.
    Get real please.

  20. Superstarseven Says:

    @Evilxelf24 Why ask me to get real when you’re the one that wrote something foolish as calling Forever the best song ever?

  21. Evilxelf24 Says:

    @Superstarseven Everyone have different opinions. So do not judge on what I think because I may happen to like this song even if you don’t. This doesn’t mean you have the rignt to comment on my opinion.

  22. Superstarseven Says:

    @Evilxelf24 I have as much right to comment on your opinion as you have to comment on mine.

  23. jojofangirl101 Says:

    hahahaha im gonna watch the video right now

  24. Fea0205 Says:

    I think that this was amazing!! I don’t know how they kept a straight face when they were doing this. Keep up the good job. When will we see a video about them having a baby? LOL =)

  25. latin102 Says:

    i would like to hear the married couple’s opinion on this vid.