Is Marital Strife Shortening Your Life?

Bad relationships can cause a lot of emotional damage. During a marriage, men only suffer emotionally whereas women may suffer both emotionally and physically. Excess belly fat and high blood pressure can become serious problems for women in an unhappy marriage. Studies have been done which have proven that marital problems can lead women down the road to poor health.

Two common problems include metabolic syndrome and depression. Metabolic syndrome raises the risk of high blood sugar, obesity, high blood pressure, and a number of other problems. Tests have shown that men in this same age range don’t have the same level of risk as their feminine counterparts. People involved in these tests included those with religious views that caused them to stay married regardless of the situation. Of the test group, 27% of the wives and 22% of the husbands confessed to being unhappy in their marriages.

Constant exposure to anger and hostility cause women to have an increased number of stress hormones. These hormones are a key factor in insulin resistance which leads to increased blood sugar levels. Heart attacks are also a common problem for women in stressful marriages. Therefore, the women in the study who stated they were in a bad marriage showed an elevated level of stress hormones, which could definitely lead to complications in the future.

Don’t mistake this as saying that you’ll be happier if you get a divorce. In fact, marital discord is only one of many factors that determine a person’s overall health. For example, alcoholism that eating a bad diet will certainly affect someone as they get older. Compared to these habits, marital strife doesn’t play that big of a part in overall health, but it is something that needs consideration.

After the findings of the research studies, doctors are left with a question. Would it be best to treat the individual health conditions, such as the high blood pressure, or should they take more of a whole-person approach? If she stays in the bad marriage, is treating the symptoms actually going to be effective?

Some of the suggestions that have been made for alleviating this harmful stress is by seeking counseling, getting plenty of exercise, and learning how to delegate tasks to others rather than trying to do everythingDoc No.lsdhhsdlh-sdlkjhsgd

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